In An Emergency? Make a Life-saving Water Filter In a Pinch

During an emergency situation, it is very important to know how to filter water.To avoid getting seriously sick or dehydrated, its is crucial to have clean drinking water. There are plenty of factors that can  cause water supply contamination to the point of making your water unsuitable for use. Investing in a quality filtration system is an excellent addition to your hiking and camping gear, or with your emergency supplies. Of course, like a lot of good things in this world, a quality filtration system will cost you.

However, if you’re in a pinch,  you have the option of making your own filtration system using only everyday household items. How safe can this filtration system be? Well, only as safe as you care to make it. There are plenty of ways to do this. Some of those you have probably heard of before. But the easiest Do-it-yourself water filter involves an athletic sock and a nylon stocking, or a pantyhose made out of fine mesh. It is quite easy to do, too. All you need to do is insert the foot of the nylon stocking or pantyhose inside the athletic sock and slowly pour the untreated water into the opening. Just make sure your stockings and socks are clean, okay? Nobody wants to drink dirty sock water! Remember to position the sock so that the filtered water drains into a clean water container. This is very important. You can also use several layers of clean clothing items if you do not have nylon stocking or athletic sock. This is the easiest way of filtering your water. In fact, it has been done and instructed many times before.

There is also the option of simply boiling your water. This is always a good idea when collecting rainwater, or water from streams, rivers, and lakes. If the water seems cloudy then it is important to filter it first before boiling. Some other ways to do this might be a simple coffee filter, paper towels, or by putting a cotton ball in a funnel and slowly pouring the water through. When you are in a pinch and in need of clean water, you can get creative with many paper products and household items if it becomes necessary.
You can also create your very own water filter by creating your own Berkley system. In a previous article, we have discussed how you can do this with cheap items you have at your home. Read this tutorial right here to create your very own water filtration system.
When you are in an outdoor setting, and you do not have the luxury to create these filtration systems above, you can always go for option number three. And that is creating your own water filter using Mother Earth’s natural elements! This filtration system here allows you to have clean water using limited resources.  This is a filtration system that has been done countless times before. And it still is one of the most reliable and effective.
Of course, it goes without saying that purifying your water before drinking it is always a good idea. You can boil your water after filtering it for added safety, or  you can use a common household items for purifying. Liquid bleach is one of the most cost effective methods for water purification. For one quart of clear, clean-looking water, add two drops of bleach. Stir the water and let it sit for 30 minutes before drinking.
Do you have any advice on water filtration systems? Let us know in the comment section down below! Make sure to share your water filtration experiences, too!

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