Keep Your Vehicle Warm For The Winter

There are those unwanted circumstances that we don’t want to happen, and yet, we have to prepare for it. Just like your car breaking down during the winter. It can be such a bummer, especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere. And while we can’t stop you from driving in the winter, we can, however, help you keep your car a warm and safe place during these mad times.

Important Tips

  1. Run Your Vehicle for 10 minutes every hour
    Your car often freezes because it isn’t used enough. Especially in the winter where it tends to get stuck faster. To prevent this from happening, make it a habit to keep your car’s exhaust pipe clear of snow or any debris. You never know, poison gases can enter into your car if the pipe is clogged.
  2. Keep all unused space occupied – If you’re in your car stuck in the cold, make sure you keep the heat by blocking off any space in your ride that’s not used. For example, you can use any material you can find like blankets, leaves, or basically anything you can find in your car and shove it into any space where heat can be lost.
  3. Pack it up – Make sure you keep some extra dry clothes, a sleeping bag, extra gloves, warm blankets, some scarves, hats, and winter socks in your vehicle. You can always bundle up when you’re cold, and you can use them for Tip #2 above if you don’t need the extra layer of clothing.
  4. Keep your winter survival kit in your car. What’s the point of having a survival kit if you’re not going to bring it with you, right? It’s best to be prepared, pack up some warm clothes, tea light candles, fix a flat, spare tires, tools, chains, flares, water, and body and hand warmers, handheld signal kit, sleeping bags and winter clothes. Be sure to bring your road assistance kit with you, too.
  5. Move your body – Keep your body warm by moving it frequently. Move your hands, legs, arms, toes, feet, neck. This will improve your blood circulation, thus keeping you warm.
  6. Cuddle/Huddle – If you’re with someone, it’s best to huddle with them. Huddling together increases the amount of heat in the area you’re in. Generate more body heat this way, and remember to block off any unused space.
  7. Keep yourself warm with… Snow. I know it sounds crazy, but snow is actually a good insulator. If you think you can handle the cold outside, then bury your vehicle in snow to keep the winter winds from stealing your vehicle’s trap heat. We advise you do this when you no longer have any choice. Remember to create an airway for fresh air, and keep one of the doors free enough so you can get in and out. Put up a sign for rescuers that your vehicle is hidden in the snow before you get in.

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