Stay Hydrated During A Hike

It is almost summer, and the weather is getting pretty hot out there. As always, the heat comes with some pros and cons. One of the cons being the increased risk of getting dehydrated.

Sure, we can spend more time hiking and camping in the great outdoors. However, we need to think of our body and how it will be affected by the heat, too. Heading out to the mountains and parks to hike and camp can drain our body of energy and fluids. And we all know where that leads to.

Before, we have talked on and on and on again how to get dehydrated at a time like this. Wouldn’t it be really educational and practical if we all learn not by reading but by watching, instead? We thought so, too.

This is why this video from BetweenTheBlazes is a must-watch. It provides tips on how any hiker can make any trek breakable. The best part about this is that the tips can also be used in a survival situation. Whether you are a hiker or a survivalist, or you’re just planning to have a weekend trip, this tip will be helpful.

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