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Survival Training – The Real Deal

So, you have finally got your weapons, your pantry is very well stocked with food that can last for more than a month, and all of your gear is ready! Heck, your bugout bag’s just by the door, waiting to be picked up for when you need to go out. But, the bigger question is, are you really ready to survive?

Surviving is more than just prepping. It is more than just packing all of your important stuff, buying or creating weapons, and preparing for the worst to come. Yes, that is a huge advantage, and it truly is the first step into survival, but the major key here is to actually know what you are doing. And, in able to know what you are doing, you will have to practice some basic survival skills. First, though, you will have to answer these questions for me: a) Have you thought about possible major scenario’s that could happen? b) have you tested your plans, and looked for weak points that might sabotage the whole plan? C) have you tested each piece of gear in your bugout bag, and have you practiced using it?

If you have answered yes to all questions, then you are off to a good start. Do not get me wrong, having a fully packed gear bag is great, and it can truly help you survive, but when it comes to critical situations, nothing can ever replace knowledge and skills. Of course, being able to do that, one must practice. And I do not mean just practice, one must be prepared by practicing in a real world setting. So, how do you do this?

Well, it is pretty simple. Here is a list you can start with:

  1. Hiking and backpacking – you have probably already done this before, so you know how important it is. Being in the great outdoors gives you the perfect opportunity to practice your survival skills and get familiar with nature. It is where your skills are put to the test. Besides, all those hiking trips help to keep you staying fit, and we all know that staying fit is an extremely important aspect of survival. Being out there helps prepare you not only physically, but mentally as well, just in case you have to bug out.
  2. Practice fishing & foraging – once all the food you have stocked ran out, what would you do? You go out and look for food, naturally. And in able to provide something to eat for yourself and your family, you will need to learn how to do these things. Your best chance at keeping yourself and your family from starving is through fishing and looking for food in the outdoors. What? You don’t fish? Well, that’s pretty simple: you teach yourself how to! Educate yourself on native plants and what is commonly found and edible and what might be toxic. All you need is practice, patience and the right mindset.
  3. Practice building your fire – you can do this when you are camping, or you can practice in your own backyard, if you do not have the time to camp. There are plenty of ways you can start a fire. Challenge yourself and have fun starting your camp fire with different supplies such as a flint and steel, hand-drill, or a lens-based method. Here are a few examples (LINK). You will also need to practice cooking over the fire, and using fire to your advantage.
  4. Practice shooting and self-defense – now, this doesn’t mean you have to shoot people just because you have firearm. You do not want to be sentenced with attempted murder. The practice you will do is for hunting and self defense purposes. Train and practice in a safe location or shooting range whenever you can.


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