10 Best Reasons to Start Bartering

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Bartering is an ancient practice that occurred before the creation of currency. In some places, though, it is still being practiced for survival. They say bartering is the most valuable job a prepper can have post-SHTF. Is this true? Find out the 10 best reasons to start bartering now!

It is not New

It isn’t just a concept. Bartering has been used as a form of commerce since the dawn of time. Before there was money, people traded chickens, eggs, and more. The number of eggs or chickens that equaled the work of fixing the wagon wheel was agreed upon by you and the blacksmith and the exchange occurred.

You Maximize the Supplies You Stockpile

Bartering is the process of trading services or goods between two parties without using money in the transaction. When people barter, everyone benefits because they receive items or services they need or want. The truth is, no matter how long you have been stockpiling essential items, practicing self-sufficiency, or learning survival skills, you might never make it on your own. Your surplus of clothing can be exchanged for something you lack in your pantry. Besides, you won’t need that many items for only yourself. One way to take advantage of your stockpiled items and learned skills is to share them with others while making sure you get something in return!

You Get to Earn from Your Skills

The utility of learning self-defense, growing your own food, stockpiling items, hunting, and other important survival skills is not only based on how you and your family can survive, but also on how you can use it to attain other needs. When you know how to fix your neighbor’s yard and set up a water filtration system for them, they owe you something of the same value. It can be whatever you need, from home protection to first-aid supplies and more.

Lets You Help Other People

Bartering was one of the things that paved the way for the establishment of a stable society. When you have something to offer, you get to help other people be productive and β€œuseful” in your community so they can pay you back. Each one does their part to help one another overcome a post-SHTF world.

IN fact, after hurricane Katrina, one woman shared a story where one person in their neighborhood had a baby formula to share while another shared some convenience foods. One had a generator with fuel and could provide temporary power while others provided physical labor. Her experience showed her the goodness of people.

Disasters May Occur

When a natural disaster strikes and you’re left with a few people to survive, bartering will help you thrive peacefully when done right. You can give away some of your supplies, like instant food to get something in return, such as proper treatment from an injury inflicted during the catastrophe.

Helps Build Relationships

Trust is a major component of bartering because the value of the goods and services being offered should be fair. If something is misrepresented in a transaction, the other party will have little recourse when a problem ensues. Once trust is established, both parties may benefit more on other things, such as protection of property in case of civil unrest, sharing of information on what is going on in the community, and many more!

Economic Challenges are Possible

If we have an economic collapse, there will be a huge resurgence in bartering, so it’s great to start having something to trade. Our economy is unstable, especially with the many socio-political issues going on. Bartering is one of the best ways to secure your supplies and services.

Money Won’t Matter

Money will lose its value when an economic collapse occurs. No matter how much cash you have or how much is in your bank account, they’ll surely be useless when the economy completely crashes. So how are you going to feed yourself when you can’t simply buy food from the grocery store? You trade with people. Maybe you can offer to fix their house in exchange for some livestock. Or maybe, you learn how to grow your own food and sell it to people in exchange for your other basic needs!

It is Flexible

One of the best things about the barter economy is its flexibility. You can trade one related product for another, or two completely different items. You also have the option of bartering with and for services rather than material items. Instead, you may offer maintenance, construction, or other services in exchange for material goods or other assistance.Β 

It is Simple

We have found bartering to be quite useful in our everyday life although we don’t usually label it as bartering. Most of the time it feels more like friends helping each other out rather than official agreements. It doesn’t have to always be an β€œequal” exchange but it should always be fair.Β 

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