10 Things You Should Stockpile Now

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a great deal of expensive gadgets to survive a worst-case scenario. You do need supplies, and stockpiling them is important. But you don’t have shop at some specialty store or break your budget when it comes to loading up the essentials. Below are our top 10 picks for items that will come in handy in a worst-case scenario.


For use in food preservation, dental hygiene, rust removal, and just plain old spicing up a bland meal.

Thermal Wear

Have what you need to layer up if the going gets cold. Having a stockpile of base layer clothing like this can go a long way when the lights go out and the heater stops working.


Nonlubricated condoms can be used for storing water, storing dry tinder, protecting rifle barrels from rain, and they can even be used as makeshift fishing bobbers.


Keeping things as cleanly as possible in a survival situation is huge. Not only does it help keep semblance of stability but it helps cut down on the threat of disease and sickness.


Bugging in can get boring. Any long-term survival plan that involves staying in one place can be a drag. Games are not only a good way to pass time, they are a solid boost in morale.


Buckets are an invaluable tool in a world without basic resources such as running water or functional bathrooms. Having more than a few around is not only prudent but wise.

Garbage Bags

These can be used as ponchos, for water storage, for waste storage, for ground cover, as well as for their originally intended purpose.

Razor Blades

Lightweight, easily stocked up on and stored, razor blades can be make-shifted and crafted as last-ditch cutting tools. You never know when you’ll need to cut something.

Hand Tools

Having tools around, a great deal of tools around, is absolutely a must when it comes to surviving in a worst-case scenario. Particularly in a SHTF situation where you need to stay inside for a prolonged period of time. Things break, tools help.


Fire is man’s best friend. While that might upset your family dog, no one will be complaining when you can keep warm and cook food during a period of time when it counts the most.

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  • Various types of canned food, as well as pastas, crackers and canned milk or other drinks are good to store up for potential use. Ditto for extra blankets, (think 3 blankets for each place a person could possibly sleep, beds and sofas, recliners etc.
    Keep a couple of honing tools (stones or the smaller handheld ones Hoffman Richter for example) to keep those tools sharp and functional. A hatchet or machete (or both)
    Firewood or many bags of charcoal and a BB-Q or Hibachi for cooking on should power go out. Candles, large bodied ones that will last for days as opposed to the dinner table sort that are gone in hours.
    Flashlights, and solar rechargeable batteries.
    Binoculars, you might want to see who is coming y9urway, before they know you know they are coming.

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