12 Gauge Rock Salt for Self Defense

Perhaps one of the most contested nonlethal shotgun rounds out there, rock salt loads have remained present in the American psyche for decades. Whether it’s old episodes of “The Rifleman” with Lucas McCain, or newer renditions like Quinton Tarantino’s Kill Bill 2, rock salt and the 12 gauges seem to have a cultish following when it comes to stopping bad guys. We wanted to see what it was all about, so we rustled up a bunch of shells and grabbed some pork ribs. What we learned was fun, and interesting. Click the video link below to see.

For those who prefer just the short and skinny on it:

1. These rounds have no recoil.
2. At 10 yards, 12-gauge rock salt loads will not do more than psychologically haze a potential attacker. The rock salt will hit and a few kernels of it may penetrate the skin but it will not create a debilitating wound.
3. Up close and personal (inside 3 feet), these loads do the job, however it is important to note that the shots shell wad is what makes the biggest hole in the meat. It would not be a lethal round, but a great deal of salt would penetrate and burn.

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