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1911 Dry-Fire Pencil Drill

While there is a great deal to be said for new techniques in modern-day marksmanship, the old ways exist because they worked. Similar to the time-tested 1911 platform, this dry-fire drill has been around for ages and is a great way to dial in the muscle memory needed to achieve optimum shooting results.
This old drill, utilized by many armed forces across the globe, focuses on developing trigger pull and sight alignment. It also has the added benefits of being both cost-effective and easily doable from the safety of your home. You can pull this off in your living room, and without having to spend any money on ammo.
Given that trigger pull and sight alignment are two of the primary issues plaguing pistol shooters (both beginner and novice), the dry-fire pencil drill is perfect for someone just getting started with the 1911 platform. It is simple, cheap, and will appeal to anyone who is willing to put in the time and practice it takes to become a solid pistol shooter.


Pencil (sharpened)
1911 .45 ACP
Piece of white printing paper

How to:

Using your piece of paper and the pencil, draw a small half-dollar sized circle in the middle of the page.

Using your tape, tape the piece of paper to the wall.
After ensuring that your weapon is unloaded, place the pencil, eraser side down, into the barrel of the pistol. Chamber the pistol, adjust your shooting stance, and try to hit the center of the circle.

The goal is to create a grouping that keeps you inside of the circle. The pencil will demark where your bullet would strike. You are looking for consistency here, which will be achieved by controlling your trigger pull, and mastering your sight alignment. Remember your fundamentals, don’t jerk the trigger and focus on your front sight.
Note: The barrel of the pistol should be only a few inches from the sheet of paper on the wall.

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