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The 2 Best Guns for Small Game

Small game is the most readily available food source for survivalist in a SHTF scenario, or even for a hardcore homesteader who has yet to establish domesticated animals for food. While it may be romantic to think about living off the land by hunting elk and catching salmon, the reality of the situation is that rabbits, raccoons, opossums, birds and squirrels are more readily available and easily procured food sources.

While in a true, 100-percent, SHTF situation where resources are legitimately depleted, the idea of using firearms to acquire food is less than optimal (reserving the use of ammunition for two-legged threats would take priority), the use of firearms to procure small game is still a solid tactic when it comes to putting food on the table in a less-than optimal situation. Food is essential. And at the end of the day, survival hunting is about coming home with something to eat.

It’s always best to stay vigilant and prepared. Here are three guns that will keep you properly stocked for small game gathering.

Mossberg 500

Capable of dropping all small game, from grouse to rabbit and on up into larger game, the Mossberg 500 is an excellent all-purpose gun that can put food on the table. You can kit it out so that taking waterfowl is a viable option. Fitted with different chokes and barrels, this is a gun that can put meat on the table consistently. An added bonus is that it is often sold with a second barrel that is intended for home defense.
Gauge: 12
Capacity: 6
Barrel Length: 28”
Choke: Accu-Set
Weight: 7.5
Overall Length: 47.5”

Kel-Tec PMR-30 .22 Magnum

A favorite among trappers, this gun is both lightweight and efficient. With a 30-round magazine capacity and a stock picatiny rail, this gun is a meat-getter that has accuracy and longevity. The .22 magnum round, while perceived as a specialty bullet, is incredibly efficient at dispatching small game, from raccoon to opossum and more.


Calibers: .22 Magnum (.22WMR)
Weight unloaded: 13.6oz. 385.6g
Loaded Magazine: 6oz. 170.1g
Length: 7.9″ 200.7mm
Height: 5.8″ 147.3mm
Width: 1.3″ 33.0mm
Barrel length: 4.3″ 109.2mm
Sight radius: 6.9″ 175.3mm
Energy (40gr): 138ft-lbs 187J
Capacity: 30 rounds
Trigger pull: 4-6 lbs 17.8-26.7N

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