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2 Primitive Hunting Methods

Modern hunters have a great deal of tools and resources at their disposal. Everything from high-powered GPS systems to night vision scopes and laser rangefinders are readily at the disposal of anyone who wants to take a shot at putting food on the table. That’s not even including the advancements in modern rifle manufacturing, modern bow manufacturing, or the constantly upgraded and improved host of warm and cold-weather hunting gear that sportsmen can take into the field. But hunting, at its core, is an act of survival. Any true survivalist knows that when the SHTF, you won’t necessarily be able to depend on modern day equipment. Hunting from the perspective of someone looking to put food on the table for the family and enjoy time in the woods is very different than truly hunting to stay alive. This is exactly where primitive survival and primitive hunting methods come into play. Here are two primitive hunting methods that will serve the purpose of catching game when you really need it.


Why snares? Because a lot of the time in a survival situation you aren’t going to have your deer rifle with you. Even if you do happen to have your firearm with you, the game that your weapon is capable of dispatching may not be present Think about trying to shoot a rabbit with a 30-06 and have anything left to eat. Snares not only serve the function of preserving your energy, given that they are doing the hunting for you, but they permit you to hunt a more abundant food source in a survival situation: small game.

Pitfall Traps

Similar to the usage of snares, primitive hunters have employed pitfall traps since the Stone Age. It is speculated that our ancient ancestors set pitfall traps for mammoths and did so successfully. The added benefit of using a pitfall trap as opposed to snaring is that making a pitfall trap requires almost nothing in terms of material, only the ability to dig. For situations where cordage isn’t an option, this is your best bet when it comes to hunting small and even medium-sized game.

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