2 Types of Survival Saws

In addition to a reliable knife and a solid hatchet, a saw is the other form of blade that a true survivalist can look to when the going gets tough. Though many different types of saws exist on the market, only some of these are a good fit for survival purposes, and even that depends on the type of survival scenario that a person is preparing for. Then of course, there are the issues of price and value. How does one choose the right saw, for the right price? This article will seek to answer these questions, and keep you properly informed on the best choice you can make when it comes to adding a survival saw to your kit.

Pocket Chain Saw

When you see the word β€œchain” and β€œsaw” put together, it probably makes you think of something with a powerhead and a throttle trigger. That’s not the case here. A pocket chain saw is a saw that is pieced together similarly to the way a chain is linked. It has grip handles on both sides and can fit, coiled, into your pocket. This is an excellent survival saw for a backpacker, an outdoorsman or anyone looking to make a strong addition to their bug-out kit. While one drawback of the pocket chain saw is that it isn’t something you would use for big saw jobs, it makes up for it with versatility and convenience of carry. For the average price of $10, you can’t go wrong with this choice in terms of budget.

Folding Handsaw

Although not as easily stowed or carried as the aforementioned pocket chain saw, a folding saw is both compact and effective. It is also a good choice for someone who is considering a bug-out-bag saw. Good for using on medium sized branches, these saws a are ergonomically shaped to get the job done right and they usually come with replaceable blades. While some manufacturers mark up the price on these, you can find yourself a quality one for about $30.

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