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2019’s Best Survival Knives

The year 2018 has drawn to a close and quite stunningly, a few survival knives have made it to the list of the best during the previous year (and they made such a good mark). Taking a bow from the past months include the Ka-Bar Becker BK2, Gerber Strong Arm, and Esee 6P-B Plain Edge.

Now that you are on the first quarter of 2019 and for sure, there are more exciting things to come during your outdoor adventures, it is time to know the trendiest knives this year. We’ve consulted the best reviews and expert thoughts on these tools.

Fallkniven A1bL A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife

The first on our list is the fallkniven knife, with its sleek and minimalist design. It is made for heavy-duty performance, with a strong laminated VG10 steel material. Kraton is the handle material used for this fixed bladed tool. It is an optimal choice since it ensures a firm grip and prevents your survival knife from slipping off. The blade material is called Vg10 and the material is laminated. This ensures protection from wear and tear, usually coming from environmental forces. This 160-mm long knife is ideal for various outdoor activities.

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10

If you are in searching for the perfect knife to showcase Bushcraft style, this year, it’s going to be the Spyderco Bushcraft G-10. The skill has been inspired by the Bushmen of the Southern hemisphere who mastered the skills of surviving using only a knife. It has a four-inch fully tanged blade. Now zooming into this feature, the blade follows a Scandinavian-inspired design with a single bevel grind in high carbon steel material. You can perfectly do the chopping, slicing, and whittling through this gear.

Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker

Strength through its dimensions is what this trending 2019 knife offers. It is around 12-inches in length with a six-inch coating in black traction with its blade that’s made with high carbon steel material. The handle distinctively features a full tang with mountain thread, and laden with linen micarta to prevent slipping through. These materials for the handle are setting it apart from the rest of the knives on this list. The dimensions are perfect especially for those who prefer knives that can easily be extended.

Buck 119 Special

The year won’t be complete without the classic design of Buck 119 Special, a popular knife that comes from a well-established brand for around 75 years. The blade is six includes long and overall weighs 7.5 ounces. It also features a crescent-shaped tip with sharper edges than other styles in the market today. It is the right choice for outdoor activities that require intricate slicing and poking.

Gerber 22-01400 LMF II Survival Knife

Treading a harsher environment? You need to have the Gerber 22-01400 LMF II Survival Knife, also among the hottest knives in 2019. It provides the survivalist much-needed resourcefulness and resilience because of its unique design. Its design takes inspiration from life-saving purposes and saving a person from death. Its design is also deemed ideal for cutting through aircraft fuselage, though it can be used for a variety of purposes. Do you need to protect yourself from electrocution? This knife is also insulated so you stay safe from stray wires in where nature meets development.

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