3 Best Survival Axes Under $50

High on the list of any true survivalist’s choice gear, is the axe. Axes, tomahawks and hatchets have been an invaluable tool used by mountain men and pioneers for years. While cutting trees to make firewood is often the first primary use associated with the axe, there are multiple uses for an axe in a true survival situation. Making improvised shelter, defending yourself from both two-legged and 4-legged predators, field dressing big game, and digging or breaking though snow are all places where the survival axe shines.

We’ve taken the liberty of lining out three great survival axes, capable of saving your bacon if SHTF. All are affordable, sturdy and lightweight enough to fit into a bug-out-bag, if need be.

Farson Hatchet

Fremont Knives, creators of the Farson Hatchet certainly get an A-plus for thinking out of the box when it comes to survival axes. The Farson Hatchet is a modified version of the Farson Blade, the primary modification being a sturdy handle. Wrapped in paracord, lightweight and versatile in its applications, the Farson Hatchet is a great survival axe for someone looking to reap the benefits of what an axe can do in a compact and easily stored package. Sporting an overall length of 9.5 inches, a cutting-edge length of 5.5 inches, and a width of 3 inches, this axe is made from one solid piece of 1095 carbon steel. Though more so an improvisation on a hatchet than a true hatchet or survival axe itself, this tool is ideal for extreme backpackers or folks looking to upgrade their bug-out-bag. It comes in at about $40 too, which ain’t too hard on the wallet.

Husqvarna Hatchet

Heavy for its size, but solid in its construction, the Husqvarna hatchet it a classic survival axe for the pragmatic prepper. The solid vertical grain on the handle speaks to its quality construction, as does the basic geometry of how it is built. This axe has excellent head design, it is perfect for both wood splitting and carving. While it does come slightly less-sharp than desired, a quick 10-minutes with a sharpening stone makes the blade capable of shaving hair. What’s not to love about the union of Swedish steel and American hickory, and the uncanny chopping power this little axe possesses makes it worth its weight. At 13 inches in length and 1 1/2 lbs, this is a great survival axe, also in at the $40 range.

Cold Steel Throwing Hawk

For survivalists who lean more toward the tactical side of things, a survival axe must be a solid throwing and touch-weapon that is capable of stopping both two-legged and 4-legged predators. For survivalists with that kind of need, the Trench Hawk, by Cold Steel delivers the best tactical throwing axe on the market today. Weighing in at 2 pounds, with an overall length of 19 inches, the Trench Hawk provides its thrower with a sharp back spike and long end-over-end spinning capability. It is a true throwing knife, however, so don’t expect it to do a wonderful job splitting wood or doing camp chores. The Trench Hawk retails for about $40, and comes with an excellent hard plastic sheath.

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