3 Preps for WWOROL

If you think the world is chaotic and dangerous now, imagine it without any rule of law whatsoever. Sure, that is not a pleasant thought. But it is a realistic one. A world without rule of law (WWOROL), is a terrifying thing to consider. But as any true survivalist will tell you, there is a very thin line between the rule of law and total chaos when it comes to natural disasters and worst-case scenarios. Floods, massive earthquakes, hurricanes and raging fires have all turned cities into temporary WWOROL time and time again in our history. It would be foolish to think that those who enforce the law will not default to protecting their own families in such a struggle, and likewise, you should be looking to protect yours. While that can sound like a larger-than-life statement that can be somewhat overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Below are some simple and effective prepper tips that will help you be better prepared for the event of a WWOROL.


Whether we like it or not, communication in our modern-day society is completely and utterly dependent upon cellular phones and computers. Emails and texts messages, not to mention social media, are the primary method of communication between folks on a day-to-day basis. In a WWOROL however, a catastrophic event that can legitimitly disable cell phones and computers is quite likely. You can guard against this by investing in a ham radio. Not only will this allow you to communicate with others in a WWOROL, it will allow you to monitor the situation in ways that others will not be able to.


We’re going to go ahead and assume that you have at least one firearm in your home that is for the purpose of self-defense. If not, we strongly suggest you re-think the nature of survival in these modern times. But most folks who have a firearm only have a box or two of ammunition laying around. It is actually quite common for gun owners to have only a few clips worth of ammunition on hand. Fix this. Save for a month and invest in a single bulk ammunition purchase. Then, forget that this ammunition exists. Hide it from yourself if you must and resist the urge to dip into it when you and your buddies are headed to the range. Without ammunition, your firearm is just a hunk of metal. In a WWOROL, ammo is one of the most worthwhile resources around.

Invest in a Dog

Any way you cut it, a dog is a force multiplier. Canines can hear better, smell better and sense better than we can when it comes to the world around them…be it the world now or a WWOROL. While you could invest in security systems and wireless cameras to safeguard your home and allow you an edge over whoever or whatever may attempt to break in during a WWOROL, a dog is far more reliable. A dog is an excellent early-warning detection β€œdevice” that will let you know when something just doesn’t smell right.

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