3 Real TEOTWAWKI Scenarios

Take moment to think about the great deal of films and TV series that have made their way into that mainstream consciousness. Be it The Walking Dead or its spinoffs, The Maze Runner series, Terminator part whatever, or any vast number of flicks that have found their way to our theatres and home entertainment setups, there sure are a lot of fantasy end-of-the-world scenarios out there in the world. They are however, quite fantastic…meaning, not all too based in realism. The end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) has always been a touchy subject when taken away from the context of films and television. Plenty of folks simply think no such thing is possible, while others spend entire life times (and life savings) preparing for every scenario imaginable.
While there is no clear-cut way to determine what could bring about a TEOTWAWKI scenario in β€œreal life,” there are realistic TEOTWAKI factors in our world now. We’ve taken the liberty of lining out 3 actual TEOTWAKI scenarios, so while there won’t be any zombies or an alien invasion involved, there will be some cold hard reality.

High Altitude EMP Strike (HEMP)

When a nuclear warhead explodes, electromagnetic waves are generated as a result. A high-altitude EMP strike refers to the result of a nuclear explosion occurring 25 miles above sea level, over a city. Electromagnetic waves then propagate down to the surface of the earth and damage all electronic equipment across a very large area. The reason that a HEMP strike can produce TEOTWAKI is because the world as we know it is very dependent on electricity. Cars, grocery stores, ATMs, computers, phones, access to the Internet, all of these things would be fried in the event of a HEMP. When one considers that there are15,000 nuclear warheads on earth, and that all it takes is one exploding above a city to turn things into chaos, the notion of a HEMP strike creating a TEOTWAWKI scenario is not too unrealistic.

Solar Storm

A solar storm occurs when the Sun emits a huge burst of energy. This energy is emitted in the form of solar flares and coronal mass ejections. This in turn, sends a stream of electrical charges and magnetic fields straight down to earth, moving at the speed of roughly three million miles per hour. Solar flares are explosions that are several times as powerful as nuclear bombs. The geomagnetic storms caused by solar flares can disrupt satellites and the power grid.
When one considers that scientists who study solar storms have noted that they seem to follow 11-year cycles, are growing in intensity, and should peak during the year 2024, solar storms knocking out the power grid and creating a TEOTWAWKI scenario is not all too unrealistic.


One of the most dangerous things that humans face is the simple virus. Think about how easily the flu can put you out of commission for a couple days, or more. As we humans encroach upon the natural world, forcing previously undisturbed animals into unnatural habitats and into contact with us, we risk contracting diseases that our immune systems have no defense against. Scientists believe that this is only a matter of time, and that viruses like The Black Death, Ebola, and Spanish influenza are a cyclical product of nature. The right mix of contagion and fatality rate could actively wipe out humanity and create TEOTWAKI for anyone that is at all able to survive.
When you consider that the 1918 influenza outbreak killed more people than WW1, and take into account the manmade biological viruses that have been weaponized for potential use, a pandemic creating TEOTWAWKI is not too unrealistic.

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