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3D Guns – What’s It About?

Technology and innovative minds of our centuries have significantly altered our mindset regarding survival and weapons handling compared with our predecessors. One of the weapons technologies that are developed is 3D guns in the United States. Cody Wilson developed the idea of letting people get freely downloadable 3D guns design and assemble their 3D guns without any government restrictions. In this post, we will discuss all 3D guns, its concerns, and how you can handle it properly if you have it at home.

3D Guns in a nutshell

These guns are created by using a design that a 3D printer and plans made on a computer that is downloadable online. The materials of the guns are made of plastics but do not mistake its firing power. It can fire a shot like that of your ordinary metal guns in your keeping. You need a nail or metal to serve as the gun firing pin. Only the firing pin and bullets are the metal components in the guns.

Anyone with a piece of technical knowledge on designing and with the resources can create gun designs and later on make it available to the public to download online. All types of guns can be designed from a concealed carry, pistol, assault rifles and even high-powered ones like machine guns. You can also print receivers or parts of a gun.

Concern on 3D Guns

The following are concerns that arose in the creation of 3D Guns:

  • Regulation

There is no single government body that regulates the public possession of 3D guns its manufacturing, sale, and distribution. Unlike with its metal counterpart, that has a serial number for record purposes, and ownership by your license is monitored by state and federal government. No one can have an exact inventory of the quantity of 3D guns in the country.

  • A threat to public safety

A 3D gun can be concealed perfectly by removing its metal pin on your luggage if you’re traveling. This cannot be detected by metal detectors so anyone can bring a gun even at the cabin of the plane, at hotels, public transports, and innocent seminars. You can even bring it to Church while worshiping. This makes 3D guns the choice for criminals to perpetrate their crimes on unknowing victims in public places. It can also be used to harm protected wildlife animals when forest rangers are away. It is a threat to public safety, given the series of shooting incidents in the country.

  • Potential dangers to owners

3D guns also possess dangers to their owners because it is a self-made plastic gun based on a design taken from online sources. We are unsure if the assembled guns can sustain the right mechanisms for it to fire the rounds properly. It did not undergo a quality assurance process like metal guns on performance and materials. There is a probability the owner can hurt himself while shooting using 3D guns. It can also miss a target and instead fire at a person passing by.

  • Right versus public safety

The US Constitution included the right to bear arms of its citizens, and this is the same right that advocates for 3D guns hold into over any government legislation controlling or banning 3D guns. The legal battle continues in the courts and chambers of legislative bodies in the country. We are balancing the individual right to bear arms and that of public safety.

Tips on handling your 3D guns

What if you have already a 3D gun in your home and you don’t want it to surrender or destroy? Here we give you some tips on handling your 3D guns to avoid problems:

  • Β Don’t bring it to any public places, just let it stay at your home.
  • When using in your hunting in the woods check first its firing pin intact before firing.
  • Β Put it in a storage that will ensure the plastic materials are kept well. Check extreme temperatures.
  • Β Β Don’t display it to your living room or kitchen area and patios where your kids are playing they might mistake it as a toy gun since it’s made of plastics.
  • Unload your ammunitions always when storing and cleaning it.

Key takeaway

Whether it’s a 3D Gun or metal guns handle any weapon with care and utmost responsibility. We already navigated you about 3D Guns check us regularly for more tactical and weapons updates.

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