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4 Best Foods for Your Survival Pantry

Even if you’re not the kind of prepper who has a bug-out-bag ready to go in your car, or a few AKs set aside with drum magazines and ammo boxes just in case, you probably know that having a proper supply of nonperishable food is essential. But aside from the staples of rice and beans, which most folks now can keep an army fighting for months, there are a few foods out there that you simply can’t afford to not have in your stockpile. Nutrition, versatility and multipurpose, as well as packaging must all be taken into account when selecting the most effective stockpile foods. Here are 4 strong choices for food that will keep you alive in a worst case scenario.

Cheese Encased in Wax

Cheese provides calcium, protein, Vitamin A, B12, riboflavin, zinc and phosphorous. It also has a natural acid-buffering effect on teeth, which makes it ideal for a situation where dental hygiene is not exactly easily accessed. Cheese that’s encased in wax does not collect mold and lasts up to 20 years in storage. This is a solid stockpile food that will pay off.

Canned Meats

The best, hands down most important food you can stockpile (aside from rice and beans) is canned meat. Jerky, tuna, or even sardines are a good idea in terms of meat choice. Tuna and salmon in particular provide the necessary Omega 3 oils.

Fruit Leathers

While dried fruits in general are an important staple of a SHTF food stockpile, fruit leathers are an even stronger choice. Easily bought in bulk, found in most large super markets and “super stores,” good for you and good to you, fruit leathers are a solid go-to food supply. They are also easy to store, as a great deal of fruit leathers do not take up very much space at all.


Honey is not only a solid morale boost to have in your SHTF prepper pantry, it is one of the most versatile foods you can have around. Also, honey doesn’t expire, it practically lasts forever. Honey is antibiotic, is able to treat minor burns, boost the human immune system, relieve nausea, morning sickness, and tastes great while doing all of the above.

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