4 Ways to Prepare for a SHTF Scenario

For those who may be relatively new to the world of prepping and survivalist lingo, SHTF stands for β€œshit hits the fan.” A more PG version of this acronym is β€œstuff hits the fan,” but you get the point. Stuff can hit the fan for any number of reasons, but typically a SHTF scenario is defined as a situation where you are required to take drastic measures to cover basic human necessities. What got you in that situation could be anything from Hurricane Irma-type flooding to massive power outage, citywide riots or military occupation.
While there are certain variables that simply can’t be accounted for in chaotic circumstances, there are things you can do to put all the chance on your side. Here are 4 solid things you can do to prepare and put yourself in the best possible position to survive.

Bug-Out Plan

If you find yourself in a SHTF situation and you need to leave your home, you need to have a plan. You need to know not only where you will go, but how you will get there and what routes you can take to get there. Your bug out plan needs to include having a bug-out-bag, and the items in your bag need to be geared toward the type of bug-out you are planning. If you need help putting together a bug-out bag, you can check out our article The Essential Bug-Out-Bag by clicking here. Most importantly, once you have your bug-out plan, you need to make sure that everyone in your household who will be bugging out with you also knows the plan.

Bug-In Plan

In a SHTF scenario where going outside is a bad idea, you may need to bug-in. This means that you may need to secure your home and wait out whatever it is that is going on outside. This will take considerable planning in terms of food stores, water supply, first aid, and other things. If you need some help figuring out how to handle your bug-in setup, check out our article Bug-In on a Budget by clicking here.

Build a Team

The reality of a SHTF scenario is that surviving it completely alone is unrealistic. A strong team of folks, equally invested in the outcome of your survival is great insurance in a SHTF situation. Likeminded neighbors, coworkers or family members who are willing to listen and are capable of working together make great teammates. Sure, personalities being what they are, not everyone plays well with others, but never underestimate what a small group of motivated people can achieve together. For a bit of information on how to build a healthy and functional team that can help each other survive a SHTF scenario, check out our article Team Building for the End of the World by clicking here.

Equipment Maintenance

Making sure that your tools, gear and weapons are in functional shape is vital to your survival in a SHTF situation. A clean weapon is a reliable weapon. This goes for everything though, from your vehicles to your boots. That hole you need to stitch in your rain jacket, the edge you need to sharpen on your hatchet, these are little things that will matter when you are truly in a situation where your survival depends on them. One short-cut way to ensure that your gear is always in top-notch condition is to have two sets of everything. One set can be packed and loaded into your bug-out-bag and be ready to go. The other set is the stuff that can be used and practiced with often. While this may seem expensive at first and is not reasonable when it comes to some equipment (like vehicles, or generators), it provides you with two advantages. Not only is your equipment for a SHTF scenario in good shape, but you know exactly how to use it because you β€œpractice like you play,” with the exact same gear.

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