5 Reasons You Should (Always!) Carry a Knife

As every good boy scout understands, being prepared is everything. One way to accomplish that goal?–Always carry a knife. A knife is one of the most diverse and reliable tools available and something everyone should have on hand, no excuses. And the good news? With so many options available, knives can be an inexpensive way to get–and remain–prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Here are 5 reasons you should always carry a knife–

1. (Large-scale) Emergencies

Believe it or not, there are many life-threatening emergencies that could be remedied with a knife. Have you ever known someone whose clothing or hair got caught in a machine? Ever heard about someone escaping a car trapped under water by breaking through a window? The outcome of these situations and many others depend on the presence of a knife.

2. (Small-scale) Disasters

Even minor car accidents have been known to jam seat-belts which could be sliced with a knife. Important to note: Not all crises happen in the wilderness–not even close. Life is filled with situations–large and small–where having a knife on hand could be the difference between a happy and sad ending.

3. Self-defense

Hopefully we never need to experience a situation where our knife is our last line of defense, but whether a threat comes from animal or man, it can often be stopped with the right knife at the right time. Furthermore, carrying a knife at all times can provide us with a sense of security–knowing we have a knife on hand in case something happens. The truth is, none of us knows when we may encounter a situation when self-defense or defending someone we love is necessary. A good rule of thumb: Better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it.

4. Practicality

It may be rare that many of us will ever need a knife to save our life, but there are easily half a dozen ways a knife could be useful in daily life every single day. Whether filleting a fish or starting a fire, a knife is necessary to get the job done. Need to cut tape or slice open an envelope?–a knife will do the trick. More than a fashion accessory, the right knife can become a pocket staple and a go-to tool throughout the day. Just try to think of a single profession or professional that doesn’t need a knife on occasion. Carrying a knife saves time and energy.

5. Independence

That’s right–carrying a knife creates independence. That is, there is very little you cannot accomplish on your own if you have a knife handy. Need to remove a splinter or open a package? Ready to do some field dressing or pick a lock (your own lock, of course!) Instead of being the one depending on others in the room for assistance, become the person people go to for help. Carrying a knife at all times prepares you for any number of scenarios–planned or unplanned. And you won’t need help.

Whether cutting open a box or slicing off a seat-belt, there are hundreds of reasons for carrying a knife at all times. Bottom line: It’s a good plan to keep your knife sharp and your wits even sharper.

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  • When your knife is full of rust or in contact with rust, you should use pencil lead or graphite to fight with it.

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