5 Skills Every Homesteader Should Have

Carving a life out of the land around you takes discipline and skills. It’s no secret that the real key to homesteading is being as self-reliant as possible. Simple skills such as gardening, hunting and wood work are no-brainers when it comes to proficiencies a homesteader should have, but there are many other skills to be mastered as well. Part of the reward of homesteading is the sense of satisfaction that comes along with getting by on your own, here are few more skills to look into if you’re looking to up your DIY homestead know-how.


Pressure canning is an excellent way to preserve meat that is taken seasonally. It is also a solid insurance policy against power outages. While it sure is nice to have a freezer full of meat, if you’re living off the land and your power source goes out, the canned meat will not spoil.

Making Meat Stock

If you’re a die-hard homesteader or outdoorsman, you likely choose to get the most out of your animals. Using all of the animal is not only the ethically correct thing to do, it is pragmatic. Making your own meat stock out of the bones of your harvested animals is a great way to maximize the use of your livestock or quarry.

Making Soap

Staying fresh and clean feels great, and nothing feels better than using your own soap to freshen up with. Utlitizing animal fat from your harvested livestock or from wild game, making your own soap is both fun and incredibly useful.

Straw Bale Gardening

Being able to produce food from the earth is an essential homesteading skill. But sometimes, the earth isn’t so fertile, and digging out garden beds can be a task that takes more time than you have. Try straw bale gardening, as it takes up less space and is just as effective.

Identifying Medicinal Plants

In the event of an emergency, it never hurts to know what plants around you have healing properties. Buy a book on the medicinal plants in your region and start going on long walks to find them. You never know when this will save the day.

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