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5 Survivalist Uses for Aluminum Foil

It’s been covering cake pans and wrapping sandwiches for years. Aluminum foil is a must for any kitchen commando, but in a SHTF scenario it can be a real lifesaver. Here are five solid ways you can make that roll of Reynolds Wrap save more than just your lunch.

1. Signaling
If you’re lost, one of the best ways to get found is to find a way to build a distress signal. Tin foil, given that it is shiny and often rectangularly shaped (depending on how you cut it), makes an excellent distress signal in the even that you don’t have a pocket mirror.

2. Fishing lures
No live bait around in your SHTF scenario? No problem. Tin foil is shiny and malleable. It can be shaped and re-shaped with a little patience and determination. A small piece of tin foil, folded into a teardrop shape can be used as a fishing lure.

3. Block wind
Sometimes the only thing harder than getting a fire started is keeping that fire burning. Tin foil placed around a small dug-out fire can be all the wind protection you need to keep the flames alive.

4. Cooking
If you don’t have a plate or a bowl around, wrapping tinfoil around everything from meat and fish to roots or veggies, is a solid substitute in a survival situation. Toss the tinfoil-wrapped meal onto some coals and you’ve got yourself some dinner.

5. Cleaning
If you’re lucky enough to be in a survival situation with a pot or pan, it’s going to be pretty important to keep it clean and sterile. A small, balled-up wad of tin foil makes for a great cleaning utensil if you don’t have a brush around. It makes scouring pots and pans a cinch.

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