4 Urban Survival Skills You Should Have

While a great deal of the survival and prepper world focus on things you can purchase to save your bacon in a SHTF scenario, there is also a good amount of skill-building that goes into keeping you and your loved ones safe in the event of something terrible happening. Sure, some of the survival and prepper skills tend to benefit and be geared toward folks in rural settings, but the majority of people in the world live in cities. Urban survival skills are just as important as their country counterpart. Here are a few lifesaving skills you can acquire (easily) that will allow you to be that much readier in the event of an in-town disaster.

Start a Fire Using Batteries and Steel Wool

Two items that are easily found in any household, restaurant kitchen, storefront, or office building, steel wool and batteries are excellent fire-starting tools. There’s no reason you can’t experiment on your own (safely!) and become proficient with this method keeping warm.

Learn to Use a Soda Can in Every Imaginable Way

From small β€œhobo stoves” and fishing hooks, to improvised lanterns and signal devices, the basic soda-pop can is capable of becoming many things that can save your bacon in a SHTF-scenario. The good news is there is no shortage of cans in your own recycling bin (or anyone else’s). Learn how to craft this basic household item into a lifesaver.

Learn Basic First Aid

Being able to tend to the first-aid needs of you and your loved ones is utterly essential. Consider enrolling in a basic first aid class. Sure, no one loves the idea of going back to school, but a basic first aid course at a community college is not expensive or extensive. It is a hands-on type of learning that can save your life, and others.

Learn How to Defend Yourself

The reality of a SHTF-scenario is that you may have to literally fight for your life. When it comes to protecting yourself, your best weapon is your mind and your first weapon is your body. Take the time to learn a basic, practical self-defense method or marital art. We humbly suggest something like muay thai, or jujitsu. Preferably a combination of both.

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