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6 Uses for a Solid Headlamp

No outdoorsman should set foot into the woods without a reliable light source, especially in the deep woods or dark deserts of Oregon. Unexpected situations and things that go bump in the night are more than enough reason to come prepared with (at the very least) a handheld flashlight. But the hands-free element of a solid tactical headlamp offers even more support to those who dare to go off the beaten path. Here are 6 ways a headlamp is best utilized during your adventures in the great outdoors.

Map Reading


Whether you’re sneaking into a new game unit in search of elusive prey or worst-case scenario stranded, checking in with your maps is vital. Even the most veteran outdoorsmen can get turned around on the dark logging roads of Oregon’s backcountry, and it’s never fun to be lost. Β An efficient tactical headlamp is an invaluable tool for land navigation in the early morning or last-light situations that diehard adventurers often find themselves in

Gun Cleaning


Low-light scenarios in the outdoors can make firearm maintenance pretty tedious. Add the potential complication of an unstable cleaning platform or poor weather conditions and you’ve got a situation that requires not only your full attention, but both hands. A high-powered headlamp can be the difference between a functional firearm or an early trip back home.

Vehicle Repair


Getting out into the wild parts of Oregon is a dream come true for most of us, but being stranded out there because your vehicle breaks down can be a nightmare. If you’re traveling through rough places where your truck can pop a tire, blow a gasket or worse, having a headlamp with you is a lifesaver. When seeing through the dark and having the ability use both your hands is the difference between a ride home and a long night in the woods, there is no question that a headlamp is vital.

Tent Time


After a long day of bushwhacking, being in your tent should be a comfortable and carefree experience. Whether you’re the bookish type who enjoys a good read before bedtime or you’re cautiously sleeping someplace where the wild things are, having a headlamp on you when you turn in for the night is never a bad idea. Inside your tent, a strong, energy-efficient headlamp can be positioned to create the effect of a mini lantern, providing more than enough light for your comfort and convenience.

Blood Trailing


We owe it to the animals we hunt to follow up on our shots. Blood trailing is an important part of the hunting process and a dependable headlamp is crucial when the pressure is on and the sun is gone. This is especially the case for hunters who go after dangerous game, such as bear or cougar. These animals are not easily anchored with one shot. Having good visibility and making sure your weapon can be at the ready in an instant is critical while blood trailing game that bites back.

Critter Hunting at Night989d553d5daae16377916cc37d01add7

Oregon is a banquet of plenty for those who know where to look and night time is the right time when it comes to critter cuisine, like crawdads and bullfrogs. There is nothing more helpful than a bright headlamp with a wide beam when you’re looking to scoop your next meal from the murky waters of a coastal creek or backwoods pond at zero-dark-thirty. Freeing up your hands for this sort of snatch-and-grab operation is a no-brainer, making your headlamp a must-have piece of equipment.

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  • Good article.

    I have found that the headlamp is perhaps more important to me than that actual hand-held flashlight. I use it (sometimes in conjunction with the hand-held) to fire-up my generator, especially if it is at night during a power failure. Having both of my hands usable while checking under the hood, checking the small details if my generator is having issues (usually in the dark when the power goes out), troubleshooting the sump pump in the dark basement trying to avoid a flood condition, and changing out my central A/C condenser fuse outside, again, when it is good to have both hands. I have outfitted each of my family members with one for their cars, etc…

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