7 Ways a Bug-Out Bag Can Save Your Life When a Disaster Strikes

It’s impossible to know when a disaster will strike. That’s why it’s important to be prepared at all times. The best way to ensure that you’re safe when one occurs is by having a bug-out bag. A bug-out bag, or BOB, is a handy kit that can be carried around with all the items you would need to survive after a disaster. The number of days it lasts varies. Some are designed to keep you going for three days while others can last longer. Here are some reasons why you must have one:

You’re assured of quick help in case of a disaster

Imagine this; a natural disaster strikes and you’re stranded. New supplies might take a while to reach you since roads might be blocked. Having a bug-out bag can keep you sustained throughout the tragedy as you wait for help. It might be just three days, but those few days with provision are better than weeks of lack and suffering.

It keeps necessary items safe

There might be a slight disagreement on what people consider to be necessary items. To some, a laptop matters a lot. While to others, their medicines and documents are more important. A bug-out bag prevents your things from being destroyed no matter how strong the disaster may be.

Its firmness and durability allow it to keep essential documents dry. Instead of putting your money in the wallet, storing it in the bag is a better option. Plus, you can access your items faster if they’re in there. It would be best to leave out electronics, toys and other luxuries when packing items.

It allows you to escape fast

When you can no longer stay in your house, a bug-out bag enables you to leave without going through the hassle of putting all your items together. They’re all packed and ready to be transported. This allows you to always be at peace, knowing that you’re taken care of.

You have what you need wherever you go

Staying alive after a disaster is essential. That’s why having a bug-out bag is essential. Even after vacating the disaster scene, it enables you to have what you need wherever you are. You don’t have to rely on anyone else or panic when you’re on your own. The right bag can even keep you sustained for a week or more.

It makes transportation of items easier

A bug-out bag makes it easier for you to carry your necessities when you’re on the move. This is especially true if you’re packing for yourself, your kids and probably your pet or if you’re going to trek for miles. The straps are comfortable on your shoulders, and it won’t strain your back as long as you carry only what you need.

It helps you save on money

With all your items in place, you don’t have to spend the money you have buying new things as you move to a new area. You can as well lessen the cost of buying one by making it yourself. You only need to ensure that you have the necessary skills for this since bug-out bag making is not an easy task.

It offers privacy to your items

If you’re alone, you never know whom you’re bugging out with. A bug-out bag allows you to keep all your necessities confidential for safety reasons. It’s always important to have one to prevent cases of theft or exposure of items such as cash. Its thick material and sturdy zip ensure that only you know what it contains and safety of your items.

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