A Prepper’s Guide to Getting Insurance

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Insurance is part of everyday life, from health to car, and financial security. It’s that ubiquitous. However, some preppers who are ready to see the end of the world think insurance isn’t that worth it. The truth is, everyone needs to get insurance. It can do wonders in case of hardship or destruction to your property.Β 

Check out these reasons why you should get insurance and the different insurance options you should consider so you can stay out of financial trouble when you are faced with adversity!

Why You Should Get Life Insurance

Those who do not have life insurance and get into an unfortunate disaster often leave their family to deal with many financial issues. We don’t know the severity of disasters that might happen. If the apocalypse does come, insurance companies won’t exist anymore. But what if it was a hurricane? An epidemic? Or an economic crisis?

There are several reasons why buying a life insurance policy is necessary. Here are some of them.

Paying Off Final Expense

Death is inevitable (especially when the SHTF), and the cost of funeral and burial can be really expensive. Don’t let your family struggle to pay for your expenses and vise versa.Β 

Replacing the Income of Spouse

If you died, would your spouse be able to maintain the same standard of living with only their income, especially if there is an economic and social crisis? This is one of the many reasons why preppers should have insurance.Β 

Preparing for Looters

There is a high chance of you having to contend with looters when disaster occurs. Either at the end of the world or before, you always have to be prepared for theft, and home insurance should cover stolen or damaged items.

Covering Children’s Expenses

Parents want their children to be secure even if something happens to them. Get an insurance policy to put you at ease and give assurance that they can afford to have the proper education and health support whatever happens.

Insurance Options

Preparing financially is just as necessary as prepping physically for doomsday. Check out these options to consider

Home Insurance

A lot of bad stuff could happen on the way to doomsday, so you want to protect your possessions so that all of your prep work does not go to waste. Homeowners or renters insurance can help you with protecting your dwelling, the other structures on your property, and your personal property inside the structure.Β 

Although home insurance generally does not cover the most extreme disasters, it does cover lesser events such as fire, lightning, and hail damage. If you lose your home and have no backup plan, then you are starting from square one with your prepping.

Life and Health Insurance

This can be expensive, but if you suddenly need surgery, catch an epidemic, or get sick at your job, you will need healthcare. If you have insurance, the cost will be much lower than going without or not getting the medical attention you need.

Life insurance is about keeping your family secure after the end of your days. Get a life insurance as soon as possible because its coverage kicks in at different times depending on the policy you choose. As you get older and your health deteriorates, insurance will become more difficult and costly to obtain.

Disaster Insurance

This is what I’m talking about. What if the world goes on after a huge disaster? Your survival knowledge and skills alone won’t do. You will be able to recover more quickly with insurance. For instance, if you live in coastal areas or on a flood plain, then you may want to invest in flood insurance. This type of insurance can cover extensive water damage and loss of property and can help you to fix your home, foundation, plumbing, electrical systems, and more.

Get Insurance Now!

Discuss your personal financial decisions with your family and with an expert or a financial advisor. They can help you make sound decisions, like choosing a beneficiary and choosing the best insurance company and policy to suit you!

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