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Advanced Gear for Hardcore Survivalists

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There’s always a perfect tool or gadget that can help you solve a problem. Having these advanced supplies will make you feel extra prepared for doomsday or even small calamities. Remember that the antidote to every disaster is making sure you’re always carrying effective gear and are educated about how to use it!

Here are some of the coolest and advanced gear for hardcore survivalists.

Body Armor

When it comes to protecting your body, never sacrifice mobility for safety. Always opt for body armor that is designed to both protect your body and allow you free movement in critical situations. This includes bulletproof vests, helmets, full-body armor, headgear, plates, and more.

You should get tactical gear that is popular with adventure-seekers, preppers, and survivalists of all types because of how versatile and functional it is. Some bulletproof vests can be adjusted and have a holster for your sidearm, along with space for ammunition magazines. When you’re in the field and need quick access to your gun, this is the most convenient way to get it.Β 

Survival Knife

Survival knives may be basic but a hardcore survivalist has a knife for every situation, whether he’s hunting, doing some wood work, or practicing self-defense. The seven important types of knife include the following;

  • Auto emergency knife
  • Swiss army knife
  • Fishing knife
  • Hunting knife
  • Tactical folding knife
  • Fixed blade knife
  • MacheteΒ 

Gas Mask and Gas Mask Filter

When the air around you becomes deadly, there’s not much else that can help you other than a quality gas mask. If you’re going to get any gas mask, make sure it’s suited for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats.Β 

As a bonus, make sure to pick up a filter that can handle agents and carbon monoxide. It will transform any full-face respirator into a fire escape mask, converting CO into COβ‚‚ and allowing you to breathe it out.Β 

Pocket Shower

Yup, you read it right. You can now have a shower outdoors. Sure it won’t be the same as all that amazing water pressure in your regular shower at home, but it’s something! Pocket showers are compact and very easy to carry.

Pocket Radio

If you have spent some time in military, you know the importance of good intel. In life-threatening situations, it’s always important to stay informed. Being aware allows you to make better choices in dire circumstances. But lugging around a radio used to be a major inconvenience. Go for a tiny radio that will give you the intel you need, such as weather or emergency notifications.

Night Vision Gear

Illumination tools are a basic for every survivalist, but night vision gear is often overlooked. What if you need to see in the dark without being seen? What stealth was necessary for the mission at hand? Try binoculars with a night vision option or a high-powered night vision rifle scope!Β 

Filtration System

Most survivalists opt for a LifeStraw or a rain barrel to get potable water when out in the woods. But a mini filtration system will make you step up your game. Go for a filter that can filter 100,000 gallons of water, removing 99.99999% of bacteria and 99.99999% of protozoa. This makes just about any water safe to drink. There are many available products that are small, lightweight, and come with a straw and drinking pouch!

Prepper Library

This isn’t a supply, but if things get bad and the power goes down, how can you search what medicines can interact with others? How do you google how to make your own food from scratch?Β 

I would highly recommend everyone get a library of valuable resource books in advance to keep in your home. A Prepper Library should contain valuable info on medicines and first aid, survival skills, and guides prepared by the military and other trusted resources.

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