How to Adventure: 3 Rules to Live By

The very idea of an adventure into the wild is enough to make the hair on any true outdoorsman’s neck stand up. Those who walk the woods, run rapids, climb mountains, fish ‘til last cast and hunt at first light all know the exhilarating feeling of adventure. The highs and the lows of outdoor adventure are what keep us coming back for more, time and time again. Whether you’re planning an adventure for the first time, or a salty veteran of many journeys into the wild, there are 3 rules you can live by before stepping out your front door. These 3 simple rules will help ensure a smooth voyage, but most importantly, they’ll help bring you back home safely.

Tell Someone Where You Are Going

This is the easiest rule to forget for those who venture into the woods often. Being accustomed to going out on seasonal or even daily mini-adventures can cause seasoned woodsmen to grow complacent when it comes to letting someone know where you are going. This rule is especially important if you are planning a solo adventure, as most seasoned woodsmen will sometime do. It’s simple, letting someone know where you are going is a good way to ensure that people know where to come looking for you if something unexpected and terrible happens out there. If you are planning on a solo adventure, it is best to be prudent and not only tell someone exactly where you are going, but provide them with a map of your intended campsites or nav points.

Prepare for the Particulars

While it is somewhat sheik nowadays to have one solid adventure kit that can handle any situation, that doesn’t exactly set you up for success. Adventure kits like that should more appropriately be referred to and sold as bug-out-bags, but even your bug-out-bag should be prepared for the particulars. Weather, terrain, individual medical needs, these are the particulars that must be prepared for. Take the time to specifically tailor your loadout to the adventure. Ditch what you don’t need, pack smart.

When Encountering Extremes, Be Conservative

There is a time to be tough, and a time when being tough will get you killed. Sure, the world is full of intense survival stories where human beings, against all odds, toughed it out and made it home after an adventure gone wrong. But those situations were absolute worst-case scenarios, some of which could not have been prevented. When you adventure and encounter extremes, be conservative. Real survival is simple (not easy) and boring. Staying where you are, not taking risks, and waiting for help is the way to make it back home.

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