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Adventure Prep 101

Adventure in the outdoors is about challenging yourself to reach your fullest potential while experiencing all that mother nature has to offer. Those adventures call to us from all corners of the world and awaken the spirit of exploration that is otherwise and far too often repressed throughout our day-to-day humdrum. Even more often, we find ourselves putting off adventure because the idea of it seems unattainable. This is mostly due to the series of excuses we tell ourselves. The most common reasons people give for not going on an adventure come down to the big three: time, money, and lack of information. While we aren’t going to pretend that we can help you manage your time better, nor would we suggest spending money that you simply cannot, you’ve probably used these excuses…and you don’t have to. You just have to commit to planning. Here’s how:


Time management is a survival skill in the real world. It is just as essential if not more-so when it comes to planning an adventure. The first step, after you know where you are going to go, is to ensure that you give yourself enough time to get what you want out of your journey. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. For example, if you want to achieve a legitimate backcountry hunt, you need to give yourself enough time to traverse the country AND hunt. If you are planning to summit a mountain, give yourself enough time to do so prudently, meaning, assume that you will encounter difficulty and allot time to handle it. In not doing so, you are robbing yourself of the experience. Perhaps even more important, give yourself enough time to get back into your world AFTER your adventure. In failing to do so, you would be setting yourself up for a rough re-entry.

Budget Busting

This comes down to how badly you want to take that adventure. If fishing in Alaska, surfing in Australia, hunting the Yukon, climbing Kilimanjaro is truly important, prioritize it in daily life when it comes to budget. A simple review of your expenses on the monthly will likely reveal no less than three things you tend to spend money on that you don’t need to. These are things like, how often you eat out at restaurants, how much beer you drink, overdraft charges, speeding tickets. The list goes on to include things like tobacco, expensive coffee, and more. If you truly prioritize your adventure, you will find a way to curb these needless expenses and funnel that money away into your adventure fund. Better yet, convince a friend to do the same and share the adventure with them.


The lack of information is a huge factor when it comes to what deters people from taking the trip (or trips) of a lifetime. If you truly prioritize your adventure, you will take the time to look into all of it. That means the maps of where you are going, the hotels that are in the area, the average cost of food and gas in that location. Note the distances of travel, the amount of gas it will take to get around, the stores that sell the extra gear or equipment you may need to buy or rent. Having this information allows you to assert control over the experience in a way that maximizes your adventure and provides you the peace of mind needed to truly enjoy it.

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