Amazing Stories Of Survival

Look around for inspiring stories of survival in Google, and you get plenty. There are times when they are handed from one person to the next through word-of-mouth. Listening to them may make you teary-eyed, or emotional, but nonetheless, they inspire you to continue fighting. Here’s a closer look.Β 

Steven Callahan

You may have heard about the name at one point. Survival at sea is one of the heartbreaking stories in history. You’ll battle with strong waters, and more so if you do not see any sight of lands in the horizon, you get the picture. Callahan set sail without any companion in his small sailboat from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. The sail started on the 29th of January, 1982.Β 

On the fifth of February, his ship sank due to a storm, leaving him alone in the Atlantic with only an inflatable rubber raft preventing him from sinking into the waters and drowning. There are only about three pounds of food in his supplies, the remaining gear, and eight pints of water. It has been accounted that he drifted the waters for 76 days and across more than 1,800 miles, before reaching land in the Bahamas. Accounts of his survival and details are published in an autobiography named β€œAdrift.”

Juliane Koepcke

From the 1980s, we’re moving the timeline back to the 1970s when Juliane Koepcke, a German-Peruvian mammalogist whose plane she was riding crashed deep into the Peruvian forests, yet survived and was found.Β 

On a Christmas Eve, she flew on LANSA Flight 508 but in the middle of the flight, lightning struck the plane. It disintegrated and landed into the forest, with Koepcke still strapped to her seat. She got bruises, broken collarbones, and without anybody else in the wilderness. Though, there are candies left as her emergency food supply should she needed energy. A small stream nearby kept her hydrated, nonetheless.Β 

Through her stay, which spanned more than seven days, maggots infected her arm but later she found encampment where she immediately gave herself first aid, including treating the infection with gasoline. Lumber workers found and brought her to a more inhabited vicinity, before getting airlifted to a hospital.Β 

The Lykov Family

Earning the top spots in the stories of survival, the Lykov Family’s survival is one that will glue you to your seats like watching your favorite television drama. Survival from war and persecution does not only test resolve, but are agonies in the mind, and in the consciousness. Especially with kids, they will have these memories as they grow older.Β 

In the 1930s, the Lykov family fled into the Siberian grounds to escape religious persecution. These include Karp Lykov, the patriarch, his wife Akuline, their nine-year-old son, and two-year-old daughter. In the forests, they were able to set up primitive huts until reaching a more habitable area near the border of Mongolia.Β 

Throughout this challenging phase, these parents gave birth to two more children in the wild. To survive, they hunted, trapped, and farmed by strategizing on the few seeds they brought with them to cultivate and re-plant in the seasons. They used a crude spinning wheel to turn fiber from the forest into clothing. Their food sources were potato patties cooked with hemp seeds and ground rye. What’s fascinating is, they managed to live by each day for almost 50 years. There had moments of starvation, according to the reports, and these experiences tested their faith.Β 

Do you have your personal survival story to share? Post these in the comments section below, and have our community of survival enthusiasts see them. For more information, follow Primitive Survivors on social media.Β 

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