An Outdoorsmanโ€™s New Yearโ€™s Resolution

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New Yearโ€™s Eve is just a few days away, so have you written your list of resolutions already? If not yet, we suggest keeping things simple by simply having more adventures this year. While some are working on their โ€œeat better, hit the gym, and lose weightโ€ list, those who are fond of outdoors should make a list of their own!

That said, we would like to offer our fellow adventurers and outdoorsmen this list seven of New Yearโ€™s resolutions, that might reignite or strengthen your passion for outdoor sport and prompt you to try something more exciting!

Introduce Someone New to the Outdoors

The number of people enjoying the fresh air, appreciating nature, and getting active outdoors is declining due to the emergence of phones, computers, televisions, video games, and social media. Why not work together to bring back the high number by inviting people to go camping, bushcrafting, skiing, or even hiking?

Want to know the best target for this resolution? Kids and teenagers! Grab your child, your nephew/niece, your grand-kids, or your neighbor’s kids and introduce them to what you love about the outdoors. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, hiking or camping, your enthusiasm for the activity is sure to show them that there is more to life than just looking at it on a screen. They may not become an avid outdoorsman but, who knows, maybe they will

Refresh Your Knowledge of Hunterโ€™s Safety

Go back to basics by recalling the safety measures when hunting. Remember that no one is too old nor too experienced to be safe, so donโ€™t tell yourself that you no longer need to refresh your knowledge about this. Go and retake the hunterโ€™s safety course in your state as a New Yearโ€™s resolutions, and maybe even take a friend with you. Re-educate yourself so you can educate others!

One of the most important hunter safety tips to remember is to always double or triple check your rifle to make sure it is unloaded. But even if itโ€™s unloaded, you have to treat it like it is loaded!

With all your knowledge refreshed, you can gain new skills and maybe even obtain a trophy. Take this season to use all your patience and deer hunting knowledge to kill the biggest buck of your life, or eat your tag trying.

You can even try chasing new species. There are hundreds of game and fish in North Americal alone that are allowed to be hunted and fished. Try picking one which you have never taken before and gone after it! The first time will always be the most exciting.

Be a Better Photographer

Thereโ€™s no harm in integrating a little bit of technology in your outdoor adventures if that means keeping concrete memories with you forever! Capture your adventures and share them with your friends to encourage them, even more, to join you in your activities.

Photos not only let us treasure fun times we’ve had in the great outdoors but when we share photos on social media, we spread the love of adventure and motivate others to get outside. Make it a New Year Resolution to read a photography book, sign up for a photography class, or invest in a high-quality camera!

Try Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is one of the rarest activities that outdoorsmen do. Although many of them have fly rods in their garages, most of them are not really fly fishermen. This method entails the weight of the line to be carried by the hook through the air, making it one of the most difficult ways to fish.

Weโ€™re not suggesting we all have to become fly-tying, vest-wearing, stream-wading, trout worshipers, but there is something special about fly fishing that makes attempting it worth the effort. And we sure you wouldnโ€™t want to miss the experience!

Learn How to Survive

Hunters trek into some of the most remote areas in the wilderness regularly, so you really do need to learn how to overcome survival situations. You can start with the basics like knowing how to use first-aid, tie different kinds of knots, and proceed to more complex ones. These include starting a fire, food foraging, building a shelter, signaling for help, learning how to navigate without a compass, and more!

Remember that being an expert in survival doesnโ€™t happen overnight or right after you finish reading a book about it. Set a goal for different survival techniques each month, so that you will be a pro survivalist by the end of 2020!

Donate a Deer

Venison is healthy, tasty, and 100% natural. Take a little extra time in the early season or late season to harvest a doe to donate. There are many spots and ways by which you can donate. You can try to donate an entire deer by bringing one to a meat processor, or you can donate a package which you have processed to be distributed for the hungry. If you can afford it, you can try what some do. They donate an entire deer plus the cost of processing!

Improve Your Shooting Skills

If you enjoy hunting or just a little target practice, then start improving your shooting skills. Try taking lessons from a professional to see more noticeable results in your ability to hit what youโ€™re aiming for, instead of merely practicing through backyard sessions or being in a shooting range with your buddies. Trust us when we say youโ€™ll get more brag-worthy results in no time!

Have a Happy New Year!

Because youโ€™re already a dedicated and experienced outdoorsman, we hope you stick to at least one of these resolutions this coming new year! Push your limits this coming 2020, test yourself, or just do anything excited that you havenโ€™t tried yet.

The wilderness is never too small to be explored. It is never too simple to learn everything about it. There will always be something you can look forward to when it comes to outdoor adventures, so pack your bags now and fulfill these promises!

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