Are Washboards Essential For Survival?

washboard for survival


Before electric washing machines, what did people use?Β  The old fashioned way of washing clothes and fabric required the use of a washboard.Β  Most washboards have a wooden frame with either steel or wooden ridges. They are remarkably effective in removing dirt and stains from most types of clothing and are a must have accessory for any off the grid prepper or survivalist. Β They’re also great to use for an extended expedition near a water source.

Take Care Of Your Clothes – They’ll Last Longer

There is more than one reason why you need a good washboard for survival prep. While you may feel that doing laundry will not be a priority should a major disaster strike, dirt, grease and grime will ruin clothes, lessen the warmth that will be provided by winter clothing and blankets and worse yet, spread germs and disease.

New clothes and blankets will be some of the many items that will not be readily available in a disaster situation, so maintaining the ones you already have by washing them regularly will be a priority.

Ease of Use

Washboards are portable and can easily be carried to a river or lake if you do not want to use the potable water in your water tank. Be sure to not pollute a water supply with soaps and other cleaning agents. The fact that washboards can easily be carried around makes them ideal for situations where you may have to move to a new location.

Washboards are also a time-saving device. While you could use an old fashioned washer powered by a diesel generator (that is, if you even can find or build such a device), it is typically much faster to use a washboard.

You can buy a ready-made washboard or make your own using wood, corrugated metal and a few common tools. Either way, make sure that this handy device is on your list of essential items to have handy in the event of a disaster. No matter where you live, what your family situation is like, or what your plans are for handling an “end of the world” event, you are certain to need a washboard to keep your clothing and bedding clean and in the best possible shape.


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