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Previously here on Primitive Survivors, you have learned about the preparation guide on front country camping. This time, it will all about be on backcountry camping. Get your notes ready!

Backcountry camping refers to an outdoor style that means spending a night in a campground or a shelter that is far from the road. There are more challenges when preparing for this kind of camp, and there involve various survival skills to learn. If you are a beginner in the backcountry, it is best to include a person in your group that already has quite a number of years doing this activity.

Do not travel solo

Traveling solo is very common if it is not about the backcountry. However, outdoor experts strongly recommend not to travel on your own because of the many risks that are involved. Find another person to accompany you on the trip or join along a group tour. This will lessen risks and dangers while on the road and at the camp.

Prior to camping…

Check the weather, research the most pertinent information, and navigate. First, not all locations will have the same weather patterns even if you are visiting them within one season. You can subscribe to weather forecasts on your smartphones. Then, equip yourself with all the details about permits, camping fees, area maps, safety, and regulations. This will avoid last minute changes, especially if you find yourself prohibiting some of the rules. Ignorance is not an excuse. Finally, map it all out. You can use a GPS, a compass, or an application that will help you get toward your destination with no hassles.

Test out the gear

The stuff that you will be needing for backcountry camping includes the backpacking tent, your bag, sleeping bags that are enough for the entire group, sleeping pad, stove, food supplies, kitchen gear and utensils, water filter, water bottles, headlamp, map, first-aid kit, and more. The list could go on, and you’ll get to know more in a while.

A test run on this equipment within a week before the camp is perfect, a few days ahead is great, and the night before may also suffice. However, there is gear that you need to check the night before since even though they functioned a week ahead of the trip, things can turn out differently. Spend a great amount of time for testing this equipment.

Know the must-haves

You have earlier learned an enumeration of a few of the things that you need to prepare before the backcountry camping. Among the others that you need to make ready are gaiters, synthetic attire, fleece and hoodies, windproof and waterproof clothing, socks, and winter gear. You should also look for the following: outdoor footwear, toiletries, matches, duct tape, survival knife, insect repellant, trekking poles, and hand sanitizer.

When it comes to the food supplies that you must have, you may take a look at having energy bars, hot cereals, instant coffee and tea, fruits, sandwich, tortilla wraps, nuts, peanut butter, trail mixes, granola bars, and packets of pasta, rice, and noodles should be able to get your through the days and nights you will be staying at the camp.

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