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Be The Prime Predator: Camouflage Tips For Hunters

Serious and even casual hunters look forward to hunting season for a reason. It’s a time to be away from the stifling congestion of the city’s rat race. Spending some much-needed alone time in the great outdoors is always refreshing. If you’re like me, you start preparing yourΒ gear a few months in advance and practice survival and shooting skills to prevent getting rusty.

But if you stand out in the tall grass like an ink blot on white paper, you won’t amount to much. Take some time to go through these camouflaging tips to make sure mask your presence from your prey.

Match Your Ensemble With The Area

Before you even start on a hunt, scout the intended area to check the dominant colors in the environment. Check for the amount of green, the shades of green, and the other colors that intermingle with the dominant green color.

Make it a point to do this at the time of day you plan to go hunting, as colorsΒ appear different appear different at varying levels of sunlight. Purchase camo clothes that match the area.

Prepare For Any Temperature Outcome

You need to layer your clothing so that you can take off or add new layers to cope with changes in temperature. With that in mind, make sure every layer has the same camo pattern as your top layer; or at the very least, a camo pattern that you’re confident will hide you regardless.

A white shirt or tank top is probably the worst undershirt for this purpose.

Control Your Odor

Prey animals have a sharp sense of smell, and for good reason β€” they’re fully aware that they can become something else’s meal any time of day if they’re not careful. As soon as animals like deer get wind of your presence, they’re guaranteed to bolt.

Do not use scented soap or shampoo when showering before a hunt, and sprinkle baking soda all over your clothing. Canvas and leather boots will absorb your scent; better opt for rubber hunting boots instead.

Employ Removable Snow Camo

When the surrounding area is covered with snow and as white as can be, you β€” and your prey β€” can seeΒ any non-white object from hundreds of yards away. Problem is, you still might need to carry non-white gear with you, regardless.

This problem can easily be resolved by removable snow camo. The black stock of your rifle can be wrapped with white cloth sports tape, and wrap a perforated white cloth to hide your digital call. These temporary fixes can be easily removed when you call it a day.

Face Paint Is Not Meant To Be Symmetrical

After seeing your beloved wife or girlfriend apply makeup (sometimes for more than an hour at a time), it would feel natural to apply face paint symmetrically. I mean, I did.

But Survivor, you’re heading out into the woods, and not a gala. If your pace paint is symmetric, you wouldn’t blend as well with nature. Apply your greens, browns, blacks, and grays in a haphazard, I don’t give AF-looking way.


There. Better.


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