Best Animals to Hunt in North America

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Up for a challenge? There are other game animals you can hunt aside from deer in North America. As long as it’s in season and it tastes good, then your choices are abundant.

Typically, birds, squirrels, deer, and some small games are the easiest to hunt. But if you want something more exciting, something that demands more from you, and something that will physically and mentally stimulate you, here are some of the toughest and the best animals to hunt in North America!

Wild Boar

There are plenty of places in North America where the wild boar population is out of control. However, wild boar is not for the weak of heart. They fight back with their tusks and their size can be too intimidating, so if you miss your shot, you may find yourself scrambling for cover.Β 

Coues Deer

Resembling a slight, gray whitetail, bucks rarely grow more than 130 inches of antler. But the real draw to hunting Coues deer is the challenge of pursuing them in the rough country where they thrive. All whitetail are skilled at disappearing into cover, but these delicate animals are great at using their scant thorn and cacti in their desert homes to stay hidden.

If you see one of these deer, they’ll probably be too far or too quick to hide. They won’t give you time to aim your target and shoot your shot since they are always on the move in the dim light of dawn and dusk.Β 

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep are not your typical farm sheep. Residing in Canada and Mexico, they can weigh as much as 500 pounds with their horns alone weighing 30 pounds. Some bighorns stay in the deserts of Southwest America, while some thrive in mountains. Because of their short body stature, snow is difficult to navigate and the sheep stay on steep slopes to avoid it.


These birds originated in the desert mountains of Asia and imported to Northern America, adapting well to its equally rough mountain habitats. These birds run and fly. It’s extremely difficult to shoot them as they zigzag downhill away from your gun very quickly.Β 


Bison are close cousins with the wild western buffalo and are also the largest animals in North America.Β  They used to be endangered until they have repopulated and are completely off the protected species list. Like wild boars, they can attack you with no warning. You need to have a really good aim here or you’ll end up with a 2000-pound bison running 30mph to your direction to attack.

Grey Wolf

Many people have mixed emotions about hunting gray wolves in North America. In some areas, they might be deemed endangered, but the Candian and Alaskan gray wolf population are exploding. Overpopulation may impair the caribou, elk, and moose.

This is why hunting them is permitted, and some places do not have a tag limit. However, in Great lakes, hunting gray wold is banned since the animals are again protected

Himalayan Snow Cock

Most hunters are unfamiliar with the Himalayan snow cock. They are actually chicken-sized partridges that originated in Asia that now thrive in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada. These secretive and shy snow cocks love to hide, so finding them is a real challenge, let alone killing one.Β 

They might just be North America’s toughest animal, as one hunter climbed to the 7,000+ foot peaks where they live, jumped a bird after miles of hiking and climbing in deadly steep terrain, and when he shot it, the snow cock sailed down several hundred feet to a rock bed below and was almost immediately snatched up by a mountain lion and lost forever.

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