Best Camping Apps You Need To Try

Almost every aspect of outdoor leisure nowadays is connected to an app or downloadable programs that make it easier for campers, hikers or outdoor enthusiasts to manage the experience. Gone are the days when campers had to take various types of maps with them or complicated navigating tools in the vicinity. Not that these are going to be off your backpack, as these best camping apps we have listed are here to make your lives easier. Take on an adventure and discover what these apps have in store for you.

Knots 3D

Even the experts in tying knots will refer to this amazing app from time to time. Knots 3D is the go-to application for knowledge on knot-tying and various rope work. It helps the camper determine the best knot for the task, so it does not leave you hanging while on site. Aside from this feature, it also offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide and tutorial, as well as how-to’s, on getting to the final form of the knot. It works on both Android and iPhone mobile devices.

First Aid

Safety is among the most important factors to consider during the camp. Especially if you lack the resources, like manuals or books, during the day or a few in your team are specializing in medicine, this app known as First Aid will guide you.

It includes all the protocols and procedures when emergency situations arise. It also presents a comprehensive guideline with illustrations and voiced instructions that you can simply follow along the way. The program also feeds you the latest on first aid and handling these situations. Remember though that this does not replace the formal training you have had or the manual that you are presently using. However, it offers great help especially if detailed information is needed, and if a trained professional is attending to another patient. There are emergency service numbers also within the app provided.


Lost in the woods? There are applications that can help you find your way. Especially when arriving at your destination, Spyglass has helped adventure seekers all across the globe with its GPS features, equipped with a virtual compass, gyrocompass, and a mapping toolkit. It also has a built-in start guide that uses the night sky to navigate toward the nearest trail.

The app is programmed to show real-time augmented reality displays, with a feature that measures distances, let campers see the estimated time of arrival, and measuring tools to find out the distance to objects. It also comes with virtual binoculars, offline maps, altimeter, speedometer, and more. Β 

Camp Finder

Meanwhile, there is also an app to help you locate and navigate through campgrounds available for you. Camp Finder has a listing of almost 20,000 campgrounds sorted by activities, amenities, and distances. Thus, it provides according to the camper’s preference such as looking for campgrounds nearby lakes or in colder regions.

It also lists campgrounds that allow pets and those that are recommended if you are camping with your kids. Go through the list of options for places that have the facilities that you are looking for, plus a local map with nearby landmarks and attractions. This is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Whether you are trailing the outdoors with a large group of with your family, including these downloadable programs on your list of must-haves will make for a successful adventure. Have fun camping!

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