Best Camping Sites in the West

primitive survivors camping in the west

The West Coast is full of great vacation spots, especially in the thousands of miles of coastline. It’s an island of beauty and is incomparable to any other part of the USA. Camping here means sites with walking trails, lakes, and state parks with dazzling views.Β 

We’ve chosen the best campsites in the West for you! If you’re planning to go on a trip to the West, here’s a list of our favorite spots you can camp in.Β 

Nehalem Falls, Oregon

The waterfalls are a scenic campground in Tillamook State Forest amid old-growth hemlock and spruce. Although you’ll have a very beautiful view outside of your tent, swimming in the pool below the falls is dangerous and not advised! As an alternative, you can try taking a half-mile loop trail that follows the Nehalem River for excellent fishing and swimming options.

Green Bay Campground, Idaho

Lake Pend Oreille is the biggest lake in Idaho and also the deepest. By the lakeshore is the Green Bay Campground that holds 11 simple campsites made for the die-hard tenters who don’t need the add-ons like trails and whatnot. Despite that, you can still enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming here. You can also just stay in your place and enjoy the best of Idaho’s views!

Lower Falls, Washington

Situated in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the high area provides a great view of the six major waterfalls on the Lewis River. It’s set at 426m above sea level and has a river trail that is available for hiking or horseback riding. Note that it’s not safe to dive in the water and you need to be extra careful when hiking in the Lewis trail!

Pinon Flats Campground, Colorado

Located just west of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, The campground offers access to the biggest sand dunes in the United States. They rise hundreds of feet and offer enjoyable climbs. There are 30 square miles of dunes, and the backdrop is the captivating 14,000-foot Sangre de Cristo Mountains. You can pitch your tent anywhere in this place! Just try to pitch it in a place where you can go stargazing.

Two Harbors, California

This is one of the most remote and least accessible areas. It’s an island that will require you to go on a 50-minute boat ride from the Southern California coast. But if you’re feeling kind of extra, you can opt for a 15-minute helicopter ride! This campground is unique with beautiful views of the ocean and access to hikes and trails.

The campsites are very roomy and come with recycling, trash, water, and a shaded table. There are no flushable toilets at this campground, only portable toilets scattered around the grounds. You can choose to backpack and carry all of your camping needs or you can pay for the helpful workers to take your gear up to your campsite!

The Human Nest, California

Located about 40 miles south of the entrance to Big Sur, Treebones Resort has everything you need for that weekend away from the screens we look at everyday! The Nest is quire literally a fascinating nest withΒ  4.5-feet tall and 6-feet wide interior made of bent sticks. From it, you can overlook the mountain below and the amazing ocean view.Β 

Van Damme State Park, California

This is the trip that needs thorough planning! The campsites here very much well-known, so you have to book a spot early and expect to pass by a few other campers. Expect to see a base of operations in a beautiful park with redwoods and a remarkable fern understory. It’s perfect for those who wish to take one of the most popular hikes in the Mendocino area!

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