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Best Concealed Carry for Women

primitive survivors concealed carry for women

Concealed Carry for Women, or CCW, is the carrying of a handgun or other weapon in public in a concealed manner. Women are starting to tactically accessorize by picking a carry option for their firearm with what they are wearing.

Before having the right gear and attire to make your concealed carry easier, it’s first important to have a firearm that is lightweight, compact, and concealable. Some factors to consider when purchasing one include wearability, reliability, and user-friendliness.

We take a look at the best concealed carry handguns for women!

Taurus PT 709 Slim

Taurus is popular for some good (and bad) handguns on the market. Despite some failed products, the brand continues to be very ambitious! In fact, they have some of the best pistols chambered for the 9mm and the .380 ACP.

The PT 709 Slim is a slim pistol that is easy to cover, even smaller than the S&W Shield in terms of the length. However, it has a longer barrel length, meaning the 9mm bullet will be pushed slightly faster out of its muzzle. It’s only a hundredth of an inch thicker in frame and grip width so concealability won’t be an issue either.

This first firearm mentioned from the list is also the cheapest!

Taurus Curve

If you’re looking for something a little more extra than PT 709, the Taurus Curve is suitable for you. It’s five-hundredths of an inch smaller than its Smith and Wesson counterpart and boasts a snag-free draw courtesy of its curves. The handgun, at $370, has a 2.5-inch barrel which makes it easier to conceal, although it can be a bit heavy.Β 

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

S&W’s Shield is another female favorite carry gun that is less than an inch thin, making it so easy to conceal. Despite this, it still shoots like a full-sized gun! The double-action pistol’s 9-round capacity and single-stack 9mm magazine offers a lot of rounds. The handgun also has polymer grips that make it comfortable and easy to control for women shooters

It also has a Melonite barrel and steel, white dot, dovetailed sights with a good trigger, so it doesn’t require modifications after the purchase. This reliable pistol has a thumb and striker safety and is super lightweight!

SIG Sauer P238

The P238 is one of the most popular concealed carry firearms for women as it features a stainless steel slide with slide serrations and an anodized alloy 1911-style beavertail frame. It has a small, manageable recoil and is lightweight and compact with a single-stack 7+1 capacity.Β 

The P238 also has an extended 7-round magazine capacity and an acceptable trigger. Upgrade options are also available, such as night sights that are removable and adjustable for windage.

Ruger LC9

Ruger is one of the biggest manufacturers of revolvers in the United States. The LC9 has a 3.12-inch barrel but is about four-hundredths of an inch thinner than its Smith & Wesson and Taurus counterparts. This means that it is easy to conceal. It also has 7 rounds of 9mm in the magazine, but it can be a bit pricier than most handguns.

Glock G43

Another good option for those who want 9mm in a smaller frame is the Glock 43. This tough and reliable firearm doesn’t have a biting recoil of a small pocket gun, and has a slim body that makes concealing so convenient for women. Other features include a lever-incorporated trigger safety, a firing pin safety, and a drop safety. The GLOCK G43 pistol has a 6+1-round capacity and is at a good price point.Β 

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