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Best Firearms Training Schools To Enroll In

If you are looking for a formal training course on tactical firearms, it is important to be careful about choosing which school to enroll in. You will mostly need just one school so making a perfect choice should count, considering the many available institutions in the market nowadays. We have listed the top five firearms training schools based on the quality of the training, accessibility, and price.

Gunsite Academy

Gunsite Academy has always made it to the list of top training schools for tactical firearms and more. This program focuses on incorporating aspects of marksmanship, the right handling of guns, and mindset in order to provide a complete learning experience. Known as the Combat Triad, this course outline from the academy is designed to increase confidence in your skills.

The instructors are also well-trained. They have extensive experiences on the military, law enforcement, and at the same time, well-versed in the technicalities that they are teaching. Each class will have a focus on various firearms that include handguns, carbines, shotguns, precision rifles, and bolt action rifles. Gunsite Academy is recommended for members of the military, law enforcement groups, and citizens who meet the criteria and qualification. Students though are required to provide their own firearms and magazines during the training, as well as safety gears.

Tactical Training International

Do you need to be trained privately on tactical shooting? Consider enrolling in Tactical Training International. This training program provides National Rifle Association certified instruction with teachers that are also provided with complete training and certification. Courses include skills for pistols, rifles, shotguns, reloading, children’s firearms safety, and personal protection both inside and outside your homes. Plus, many of the courses they offer can be customized and private training is also available.

Universal Shooting Academy

Universal Shooting Academy is a firearms training school that is highly recognized for its national and internationally-acclaimed training line-up. It is recommended best for competitive shooters, both in amplifying your schools and gaining confidence in firearms usage. The school also has 25 acres of range in central Florida to practice the craft. This training institution also offers a two-day Basic Practical Pistol course that enhances confidence in the skills as well.


Named as the largest private training center in the U.S., Academi has 4,000-acre land being used for firearms training. This company believes that the combination of training and support β€œwill enable security forces across the globe to create and maintain safe environments for their nations to thrive in,” its official website indicated. They may have the same courses and lessons similar to the other schools but their approach is different. They understand the students’ objectives and bases the curriculum from five phases — analysis, design, develop, implement, and evaluate.

Rogers Shooting School

Rogers Shooting School in Georgia is all about the substance when it comes to the course outline. Among the lessons to be taught include small targets engagement, engaging reactive targets that need multiple hits to drop, basic handgun skills, advanced handgun skills, and more

The instructors are trained to teach more than 50 programmed drills that bring the foundation and fundamentals of firearms application. These instructors also have backgrounds in law enforcement and special operations, as many of them have served together with SWAT teams and officers. Customizable group courses are also offered.

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