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Best Fish Species To Catch In Summer

Time flies fast and right after the spring season comes another for the year. Moving on from spring is easier said than done, but there is nothing we can do but to go through the excitement of fishing in the summer.

The changing of weather patterns makes way for a transition in the temperature of the water, thus the way that the fish swim in these waters, either in saltwater and freshwater. One of the questions you have on your checklist is the best species to fish in this season. Here’s a rundown.

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Smallmouth Bass

The smallmouth bass is a freshwater species that are among the most sought after by anglers in the summer. Abundant in the temperate zones of North America, they are present in lakes and tributaries in Canada and in the U.S.

If you attempt to catch smallmouth bass, the best lures are spinnerbaits at quarter ounce, buzz baits, spider-style plastic grubs, tube baits, and artificial works at six inches.


The bluegill is also a fish species found in freshwaters, also known as perch. North America is home to the bluegill. Among the freshwaters, they live in are rivers, ponds, and lakes. There are also types of this fish found at the eastern part of the Rockies. The fish can grow up to 12 inches long, and around four and a half pounds in weight. Their colors are also varied, and fishing them provides that aesthetic and visual pleasure for the angler.

White Bass

Anglers have been enthralled with their colors of white or silver, thus the name. The species is found in various areas in the U.S., specifically in the Midwest, in the state of Pennsylvania, and the vicinity of Lake Erie. These are also some of the best locations for fishing.

While they are also caught during the spring season, summer fishing tactics for this kind of fish are altogether different. They usually move into deeper waters, so what you need are the best baits. You can try any of these: artificial worms, spinners, and spoons.

Northern Pike

Meanwhile, the Northern pike is also a species to anticipate in the summer season. They are longer compared with other species, reaching up to 55 centimeters in length. They are abundant in the upper Midwest and throughout provinces in Canada, including Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan.


Nobody will forget about getting a good catch of crappies for this season. And for the best reasons. Found throughout North America, adult crappie species tend to also feed on smaller species of fish, including the offspring of their predators. They feed on crustaceans, insects, and zooplankton. They are less active during the day, and start feeding as the dawn arrives.

Among the tricks to have a good catch is to look for cloudy skies, consider changing the colors of your baits, and marking the spots of where you see schools of the fish, though they may drift away. Another group is most probably going to gather around on the spot once more.

We hope that this list made you a bit ready for summer fishing. For more information, visit us on our social media pages or give us a call.

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