Best Kayaks To Use For Duck Hunting

The month of May is a great season to try out waterfowl or duck hunting. In this blog post, you’ll be informed about choosing the best kayaks for hunting these species. Let’s get going.

The Thrills Of Riding Kayaks

Aside from being among the most affordable boats that you can find for your hunting spree, kayaks are versatile enough to move through the more shallow part of the waterway. And, a person can simply load and unload the kayak as a beginner. It is rugged and designed for such a heart-stopping adventure.

Here are the best kayaks to look for when headed for duck hunting.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

Reviewers handpick the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 as one of the most highly recommended duck hunting kayaks in 2019 because of its outstanding features. Both compact and lightweight, the kayak is stable enough to stay right where it is despite the movement of the current or the hitting of the winds. It also takes pride in its dual-steering controls designed for both left- and right-handed steering. It has a seating feature that provides ultimate comfort and the so-called Boa system for support the lumbar area of your back. It’s a watercraft that you should try.

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Kayak

Malibu Kayaks is your prime partner for waterfowl hunting. With its two-person sit-on-top X-factor kayak, you’ll be certain that the entire duration of the hunting trip will be smooth without sacrificing the ruggedness of the adventure. Made with resilient materials, it has been known as the β€œpickup vehicle” of kayaks. By design, it is made for seawater adventures but it can also provide an equivalent set of benefits when you are with the freshwaters. It is, however, situated on the heavier spectrum of our list.

FeelFree Lure 11.5 Kayak

Now, if you are searching for kayaks with a more automated set of features, you have to find the FeelFree Lure 11.5 Kayak. Its highlighted feature is the sonar pad which is designed to make it easier for the hunter or angler to use the kayak without drilling into it. Plus, you can also have this as a removable option. Both designed with stability and convenience, other features include the wheel in the keel, integrated bow, stern, side carry handles, two fishing rod holders, track system, adjustable Gravity seat, and more.

Sun Dolphin Bali

Hunting with a larger group? The Sun Dolphin Bali kayak has three separate dry storage compartments, built with seats that are fully adjustable. For rod holders, it has paddle holders and mounts, not to mention areas where you can store guns and ammo cases. The Sun Dolphin Bali has a length of 13.5 inches and width of 34 inches, and with this size, it can already carry up to 500 pounds and can fit a maximum of three people.

So how can you choose the best kayak for duck hunting? Remember, it’s all about your needs, best features, and value for money. Have a great hunting adventure!

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