Best Locations To Go Fishing This Weekend

Planning for a fishing trip this weekend? While most of the focus will be on getting a good catch, it is also important to think about what your backdrop will be. From the most exotic locations to species-rich areas, the place can enhance the experience tenfold. It is time to take fishing to a whole new level. Here are the best places you can visit to fish during the weekend.

Key West, Florida

Many anglers and fishing enthusiasts like this place because it provides for everything that they need. Key West is the gateway to the Dry Tortugas and is situated right in the middle of superb fishing groups. In here are reefs, flats, and blue water for all types of enthusiasts. Around the area, the entire family can also enjoy a variety of seafood eateries, a vast array of accommodations to choose from, and bars for a night party. Now that the winter is finally coming to a close, this place is a must-visit.

Green River, Utah

This place has always made it to the list of top fishing destinations in the country. Particularly attractive for those looking for fly and trout fishing, Green River houses a huge population of these species. It also provides the opportunity for baitcasting and using a spincast reel for those who want to try these in the best surroundings. There is affordable accommodation that you can find in the area, not to mention the breathtaking views of the states.

Mississippi Marshes

And who would ever forget about the shallow-water and vast marshes that span from Louisiana toward west Mississippi? The marsh offers an abundant population of the world’s most renowned game fish for fly-rodders, perfect for sight-casting. In here, you can also find some black drums and seatrouts. It is recommended though to visit beginning April since the winter and the post-winter may not showcase the best of the marsh. The fishery is available all year round.

Thousand Islands, New York

Who would have ever thought that New York is a great location for fishing as well? Especially if you are headed for the Big Apple for tourism, you might also want to explore the best fishing spots of the area. You can find species like the Northern pike, muskies, and large-mouthed bass. If you want to further enhance the experience, you can take the path toward Lake Ontario but make sure that you have obtained the needed licenses.

Lake Tahoe, California

Taking pride as the largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe offers fishers with several opportunities aside from fishing. The spot is also perfect for hiking during the summer and skiing in the winter. Also touted as the second deepest lake in the region, it holds a variety of fish species that include salmons and brown trouts. Then, there are also rainbow trouts and mackinaws.

So prepare to set sail in these wonderful locations, and bring your entire family. For more information, guides, tips, and tricks about fishing keep it tuned in on Primitive Survivors and follow us on our social media accounts. A new edition of the Survivor Log magazine will also be released soon.

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