Best Lures for Bass Fishing

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Lures are fun to choose from, collect, and fish. It is that time of the year when most anglers catch their biggest bass as a sport or as leisure. If you’re a beginner, one of your concerns about bass fishing might be what type of lure you should get.

Here are some of the best bass lures you should use when going bass fishing.Β 

Lipless Crankbait

This bait is suitable for pre-spawn bass with water temperatures in the mid-50s or lower. Opt for colors gold and red that is less than an ounce heavy. You can use this by simply casting the plugs and making a straight and steady retrieve. There may also be times when you need to let the lipless crankbaits sink in the deeper water and bounce along the bottom over shell beds and other “clean” structures that don’t have debris

Bass Jigs

Jigs are the best lures for bass fishing because they are very versatile. They can reach areas that other lures can’t and they can be used any season. There are many varieties of jigs, one of which is the arkie jig. The arkie jig is the most popular type that can cover most jig fishing techniques like flipping, pitching, skipping, and more. Bass jigs are typically paired with a trailer. They may be rigged with an imitation craw trailer or a swimbait trailer.Β 

Jigs are also a favorite lure because they get big bass to bite more than other lures. The only downside to jigs is, it takes practice to master how to fish them.Β 

Plastic Worms

Plastic worms are another popular lure for bass fishing. These realistic items feel like natural food to a bass, causing them to bite and hold on longer than they usually would with other lures. Rubber or plastic worms also allow the hook point to be buried in the body of the worm making it completely snag-proof and allowing it to get into very weedy areas.

There are many types of rubber worm and ways you can rig a rubber worm. They all play their role in worm fishing, but of all the rigs the Texas rig is most commonly used amongst bass fishermen.Β 

Jerk Bait

Jerk baits are best used in natural shad and chrome colors. They dive 4 to 6 feet deep and are perfect for spring bass. A strike trigger for bass are frequent pauses during a retrieve when you’re using this suspending jerk bait.Β 


Spinnerbaits may look odd with their spinning blade dangling from the end of the bent wire, but they can attract bass while covering a vast area of water quickly. They are weedless and simple to fish so they rank well in bass fishing lures. Spinnerbait fishing is done by reeling the lure in a straight retrieve.Β 

The blade in this type of lure attracts attention by sight and sound. It flashes and vibrates to draw attention from many yards away.

Square-Bill Crankbait

A shallow-water plug you can use for spawning bass is a square-bill crankbait. It is often used with a steady retrieve and is great for bouncing off rocks, stumps, and another shallow cover. This causes the plug to make an erratic change of speed and direction that triggers reaction strikes from bass.

The best square-bill crankbaits come in chrome, crawfish, and chartreuse colors, although other lures also work. These include custom hues that mimic bluegills or other locally abundant baitfish. On the other hand, darker colors are perfect to be used in stained or muddy water.

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