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Best Outdoor Adventure Influencers To Follow

Social media is everywhere and times are changing from the days when people mostly relied on their printed book guides, maps, and a notepad of tips from outdoor experts they know. Today, there are outdoor influencers online that aren’t only keen on sharing tips but also take you to a whole new perspective. In this post, we’re going to take a break from the usual list of tips and give you some names of outdoor influencers to follow.

  1. Doyle Moss

When outdoor enthusiasts consider hunting guides in the West, one of the first to come to mind is Doyle Moss. Founder and owner of Utah’s MossBack Outfitting and Production Company, this trophy hunter is best known for providing guidance for Denny Austad, a renowned hunter who killed the state’s world-record elk, the β€œSpider Bull.” His business started as a sideline, practicing his craft, and grew to become β€œone of the most influential big-game outfits” in the country.

  1. Trevor Farnes

Trevor Farnes is another promising influencer for the outdoors to follow. He believes that hunters mostly spend their money on destination hunts and hunting gears, but β€œoften neglect” taking care of their own body. He has a very interesting take in imparting outdoor knowledge since he gets it from the angle of developing nutritional supplements that outdoor adventurers can use. His line of supplements, known as MTN OPS, provides hunters with nutrition to enhance their outdoor experiences, giving rise to a group called the hunter-athlete.

  1. Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey has over 600,000 followers on his Facebook page where he shares photos and video clips of his hunting whereabouts. This big influencer has been interested with hunting in far-off areas and looking for exotic species. He is also an outdoor provider of content, professional big game outfitter, and television host. He produces and hosts shows on Outdoor Channels, which include β€œJim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” and β€œJim Shockey’s Uncharted”

  1. Julie Golob

They say that men dominate the outdoor scene, but not for Julie Golob. When it comes to gaining influence on the landscape of shooting sports, Golob highlights the best experiences. This influencer, instructor, shooting champion, and mother to two girls has inspired several individuals to try out the activity. She started shooting at the age of 14 and now inspires others to learn more about using firearms for leisure. Her Instagram @juliegolob has over 35,000 followers and counting.

  1. Kevin VanDam

In the world of fishing, Kevin VanDam is a household name. He is the first professional angler who is able to develop a renowned brand that manufacturers can use alongside products to boost consumer sales. And he also gives back. This bass tournament champion spearheads the Kevin VanDam Foundation, which has initiatives to inspire the youth to get involved in fishing.

He shares, β€œBass fishing is in a really good place right now. Our lakes are in the best shape I’ve ever seen, and a lot of youth are energized about tournament fishing. The Foundation’s goal is to keep the momentum moving forward. I owe that to the sport.”

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