Best Places For Extreme Outdoor Adventures (Conquer Your Fear!)

This time, we’re taking your trips to a new level. Both beginner and seasoned outdoor adventurer will always be in search of experiences that are considered a break from the norm. For instance, an extreme adventure. It may either be jumping from a higher altitude with all the harness or facing the wild in a different way. Without further ado, here are the best places to conquer your fears and immerse into something extreme you will never forget.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Fear of placing bets in a casino? Fear of partying? It’s none of the above. Aside from the gleaming cityscapes, the vibrant nightlife, and the penchant for gambling, Las Vegas is also a top destination for extreme adventurers. It also provides a place where you can ride an ATV and land sail, head for an outdoor shooting range, or have yourself freely falling with the backdrop of the city lights around you, midst the Nevada atmosphere.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A few hours drive from the classic Yellowstone National Park is Jackson Hole, a place for advanced adventurers and thrill seekers. The terrains are very challenging for the well-trained outdoor enthusiasts especially if you head over to Grand Teton, a rock climbing and backcountry hiking spot that will require visitors to wear safety gear. The summit is at almost 14,000 feet, and of course, the usual activities are still present – mountain biking, camping, white water rafting, kayaking, and more

Twin Falls, Idaho

Idaho is a timid state but holds a huge lineup of areas for outdoor sports that are beyond the norm. People head over to Twin Falls because of the base jumping experience. It’s a great add-on to your usual hike, swim, mountain biking, or rock climbing. When you base jump, you partly involve yourself to skydiving and cliff diving. One of these is already extreme, so you can imagine how this activity is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Or, you can jump from the Perrine Bridge, which is around 490 feet above Snake River.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Find extreme from the classics. Arizona’s Grand Canyon is famous for its breathtaking of the canyons, and sunsets that are truly remarkable. It’s also a retreat for the extreme adventurer. Raft through the waters of the Colorado River in tune with the rugged terrains and topographies of the canyon. Climb toward the top and reveal an aerial view of the entire vicinity. This is also considered a generally safe place to bring your little ones if you would want to also take them to an extreme outdoor retreat.

Moab, Utah

Now, in here make sure that you are wearing the right footwear. Moab in Utah is characterized by its super steep canyons, fantastic landscapes, and the beauty of its deserts. It is a Β Β recommended place to visit for both thrilling experiences and travel back in time to see the ancient carvings. All in all, you can try activities which include rappelling, mountaineering, motocross, highlining, and hiking, among others.

With all these lined up for you by Primitive Survivors, you shouldn’t waste your time daydreaming. Get up and get going, for an extreme adventure awaits you.

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