Best Places For Whitetail Deer Hunting

The whitetail deer is known as the smallest members of the deer family of North America, and are also found in Canada and Latin America. They are fond of staying in fields and meadows in the summer, keeping themselves within coniferous forests. In the winter, they seek shelter from coniferous stands.

The species are great choices for hunting. Aside from the fact they are present all year round and gets even more exciting since they move differently according to seasons, but also they are considered β€œking” in hunting. Where are the best places for whitetail deer hunting? Get your notepads ready and list down these states.

South Carolina

This place conquers the top spot nationally in bucks harvested per square mile, taking it at almost four bucks per square mile, the Whitetail Report from the Quality Deer Management mentioned. Seventy percent of the hunters from the Palmetto State reported a β€œsuccessful harvest.” Chances of spotting the deer are fair. Visit Sumter National Forest and Enoree districts.


They say that in Texas, you’ve got to go big or go home. Definitely follows the rule in deer hunting. The state’s Ox Ranch is one of the most widely recommended spots for whitetail deer hunting. Furthermore, hunters from this area kill a larger number of bucks that any other state, and they also rank second in antlerless harvests. It has an abundance of public hunting land open for these hunters. Cross Timbers, Post Oak Savannah and Hill Country are promising.


The state of Iowa is a must-visit for the activity but take note, you might need to prepare financially for it. Iowa is among those places where out-of-state license fees are higher and they also implement stricter regulations for people coming from other states. In fact, around less than a percentage of the state is open public hunting land. Looking at the bright side, this is what makes Iowa a rare option for many. Iowa’s Big Hollow and Huron Flats are good options.


This area is one where you’ll find an abundance of these species. It is listed second for having the most bucks entered into the Boone & Crockett books from 2005 to 2010. There is a reasonable amount of land available for the hunters to enjoy and antlerless harvest is also huge. You will never want to miss visiting this region, especially among enthusiasts. Try visiting Shawnee National Forest, Cook County Forest Preserve, and Mississipi River.


Last but not least, is the Bluegrass state. Hunters have identified Kentucky as a very ideal place to hunt. It has long seasons with more lenient regulations, a rich and well-balanced herd and several acres of public land open for hunting. It is listed second to Indiana in the possibilities of harvesting a Booner, and with these characteristics combined, Kentucky has deserved to be on the top spot of the list of best places for whitetail deer hunting. The Blue Glass Region and Green River Region are where the most skilled hunters gather.

Wherever you are, get your deer hunting essentials ready, pack your bags and prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime. Each state, when it comes to this type of hunting, has its own unique personality.

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