Best Places To Test Your Survival Skills

Okay now, travel and testing your survival skills at the same time, what can get any better? Before we get going, go and subscribe to the website to receive the latest from Primitive Survivors.Β 

In the U.S.

Expedition, Alaska

Any tour in Alaska is an adventure that you will never forget. However, only a few can be perfect to test your survival skills. In Expedition in the Last Frontier, the name says it all and hosts various events of extreme outdoor activities. This includes trekking, ocean crossings, pack rafting, white-water kayaking, canyoneering, mountain biking, abseiling, and coasteering. It does not only test your fitness, but also your survival prowess in the most β€œunforgiving” outdoor scenes.Β 

Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School

Less of a tourist spot, but more of a place for training, Tom Brown Jr’s Tracking School is a classic. It teaches the best learnings on survival, anchored on the founder’s techniques from his Native American ancestors. Most of the courses happen in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. After around four decades, the services have been featured on a TV show. Among the survival skills being taught include building shelters, setting up fires, and search-and-rescue.Β 

Around the world

Kathmandu Coast to Coast, New Zealand

Kathmandu and New Zealand combined? You heard that right, but this is more of the name of the place that offers the venue for testing these skills. Coast to Coast is a multi-sport race held yearly on the South Island, taking around two full days to complete. It begins at Kumara Beach, joined by thousands of participants, running, biking, and kayaking around landscapes until getting to Brighton Beach.Β 

Amazon River International Raft Race, Peru

Peru in itself is a paradise for nature trekkers. Add the Amazon River International Raft Race, things can never get so complex. This jungle space offers a very enticing place for visitors and spectators to participate. This covers around a 180-kilometer track, with over 40 teams building their own rafts out of local resources, then paddling downstream, stopping only to doze off along the way.Β 


The country is a Lonely Planet best. There are races held here that allow competitors to climb, swim, dig, and run over the brutally frank wilderness – it’s going to be different. It is way more than your office team building venture. Among the skills to be tested are problem-solving, and gear that looks like you’d found them from survival serendipity.Β 

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