Best Tactical Flashlights of 2020

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A quality tactical flashlight is necessary for many uses, whether you want to read in the dark, lost electricity at home, on a tactical mission, or in the woods with your fellow campers. The largest benefit of a tactical flashlight is that it will hold up to the rigors of a rough-and-tumble lifestyle much longer than a traditional flashlight or headlamp.

In our previous article, we discussed the important features you should look for when buying a tactical flashlight. Today, we’ll review the 6 best tactical flashlights of 2020 in no particular order!

XT808 Flashlight

Easily one of the best tactical flashlights in today’s market, the XT808 Flashlight is perfect for any tactical situation. It is a lightweight compact torch with 5 modes and an adjustable zoom beam.

The adjustable zoom beam can pinpoint locations that are 500 meters away. The XT808 Flashlight is made from Aircraft Aluminum and emits a bright 800 lumen of blinding power. You can easily get this flashlight with the rechargeable bundle or on its own.

Pelican 7600 Tactical flashlight

Flashlights of this brand have always been essential as an everyday carry because of their EDC-friendly size and user-friendly designs. The Pelican 7600 is currently their best product at just about 6 inches long.

The Pelican 7600 is compact and easy to put in your pocket, belt, or bag. However, it’s not handy enough for poorly-lit environments. You can also recharge this through a USB, and operates at a full capacity of 900 lumens.

It features a red and greed LED for traffic control and for preserving your night vision. And also has different operating modes, an integrated battery level indicator, and an IPX8 waterproof hard-anodized aluminum construction.

PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight

This affordable flashlight has some great features too, such as a high lumen, five modes, rechargeability, and more. The flashlight has a bright LED tactical flashlight, a rechargeable battery with a storage pouch, a battery charger, a case, and an AAA battery holder as well.

The flashlight offers a bright solution and a sturdy design that is waterproof and abrasion-resistant. The five modes also let you select which one is suitable for your needs. Lastly, they’ve added a zoom function to this best tactical flashlights in 2020, so you can adjust each light setting to fit your needs perfectly.

Solaray Pro ZX-1

The Solaray Pro ZX-1 is reliable, bright, and authentic, with the brand motto saying, β€œwe’ll never leave you in the dark.” The Pro ZX-1 tactical series is deemed the best one of the brand which will surely be your favorite.

The dependable America brand promises a 6-month warranty with an affordable price yet high quality. The product is an ultra-bright, lightweight flashlight that is capable of producing up to 1200 lumens, with 5 light modes and the option for rechargeable batteries or 3-AAA. It’s also water-resistant, shockproof, and made of aluminum alloy.

Lastly, it has unique features such as zoom and it can also be mounted on different kinds of guns with proper equipment.

Streamlight 88052 Professional Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight 88502 is also rechargeable via USB and boasts a powerful 850 lumens of brightness. The LED bulbs are said to last up to 100,000 hours in their lifetime of use, meaning it will be very reliable no matter the situation. You can even run it for up to 750 hours if you are using it with continuous, momentary bursts of light for whatever tasks you have to deal with.

This flashlight is 3.25 inches long and 1 inch thick, making it easy to carry in your pockets, or in small pouches in your bag. It’s impressive that the Streamlight 880502 can work up to 850 lumens at such a compact size. It’s made of type 2 military-spec anodized aluminum so it’s ultra-lightweight and durable!

Sunfire UDR Dominator

The brightest flashlight on this list is the UDR Dominator which is extremely pure, unadulterated and has a raw light output. Although it’s not for people who want a flashlight for everyday carry, this product has an output of 2,400 lumens of bright white light on its highest setting, perfect for military tactical missions, border security, or just lighting up your house when the power goes out.

Because of this, the UDR Dominator can cost an arm and a leg, but we promise you that it’s worth every penny! It’s virtually indestructible thanks to a dust and moisture-proof Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body, while dual-fuel capability allows it to be both recharged daily or run on disposable batteries for higher output.

Lastly, the tactical flashlight features a separate head switch for constant-on, momentary-on, and high output, 9 different, battery-saving light output levels, and an onboard power gauge.

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