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Build Your Own Go-Bag

Contrary to popular belief, a go-bag and a bug-out-bag are not the same thing. While the two terms are often used synonymously, the two bags and their contents differ specifically. This is because each bag serves a particular purpose, which is to survive two completely different worst-case scenarios. A bug-out-bag is a survivalist’s best friend, usually loaded with enough supplies to endure a somewhat extended period of time in a worst-case scenario that may span a few days. A bug-out-bag has a load that focuses on food, shelter building, potable water, and things that can keep someone alive for a period of 72 hours or more.

A go-bag, is a significantly smaller bag that is meant to supplement an operator’s on-person gear. Soldiers in the special ops community carry go-bags, that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice from the back of their vehicles should they need to escape and evade quickly. The bag is intended to provide absolute essentials until help comes. Because of this, the size of a go-bag is far more limited than that of the bug-out-bag. Some operators on long range missions even create smaller go-bag like parcels that they sew into the lining of their clothing. While not completely devoid of items one would find in a well-equipped bug-out-bag, the go-bag is more spartan. Here’s what a proper go-bag should include. You’d be surprised, it’s not all that much.


As any person who has ever set foot off the beaten path knows, a knife is arguably the single most important tool that one can possess when in any worst-case scenario. A go-bag without a knife in it is no go-bag at all.


The ability to make fire is critical in any situation where you are on the run and without amenities. Having fire not only permits an individual the ability to cook and stay warm, but to purify water or signal for help if need be.


Cordage is absolutely essential when it comes to a quick get-outta-dodge scenario. Paracord, also known as 550 cord, can serve a number of purposes in an emergency. Things like building traps, tying off wounds can be easily accomplished with this.

Water Purification Tablets

This one is simple. Your body is mostly water. In a quick smash-and-grab sort of situation where you have to grab your go-bag and ditch your vehicle, you will need to find water and the water you find may not be potable. Having these tablets can save the day in a major way, and they enable a person to have access to water on the go whenever water is found.

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