Build Your Own Targets

There’s a wide world of industry out there looking to sell you the newest and latest things in shooting targets. While there’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra to get a specific type of target that you need, there is definitely something to be said for making your own target. You don’t have to look too far from your own garage to pull this off. A few old pieces of wood, some screws, and leftover cardboard boxes are all that is really needed.
Here’s how to make it happen:


2 long pieces of wood (approx. 6 feet)
4 short pieces of wood (approx. 4 feet)
6 long screws
1 cardboard box
Staple gun
Electric screwdriver


Measure and cut your longer wooden pieces to approximately 5 Β½ feet.
Cut two shorter pieces to approximately 3 feet.
Cut the other shorter pieces into 2, 2 Β½ foot segments.

Using your electric screwdriver, hold the short pieces of wood flush to the end of the longer pieces, put two screws in place. This should secure the shorter pieces on to the longer pieces of wood.
You should now have two T-shaped pieces of wood, resembling legs with attached feet. Space these two pieces a foot and a half apart from each other.

Using your screwdriver, screw the 3-foot pieces of wood parallel to each other, between your two β€œleg” pieces. This should connect your β€œlegs” and allow the target to stand on its own. Leave about three feet between the two pieces.

Unfold your cardboard box. Using your staple gun, staple the cardboard in four places to the parallel pieces of wood.
You should now have your target ready to shoot.

Tips: for more realistic targets, you can utilize a paper plate at the top of your cardboard box to get a proper silhouette.

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