Busting The Biggest Fishing Myths

In fishing, there are also superstitions. Those that you won’t need but you can still believe in. These may have been part of the culture, but consulting with scientific facts, they become myths that should be busted. Looking at the biggest fishing myths across various species, and also generally about this outdoor adventure, here are the top picks.Β 

Northern pikes are fatal.Β 

There are several reasons why this myth has emerged. All fish may attack since they fight for their lives, a natural sense. This may be the reason and for species like the Northern pike, their make-up is tagging them as deadly predators. They may be very aggressive and possess sharp teeth, but you need caution not because they can kill an angler.Β 

The big bass eats the same meals as small bass.Β 

Bass is never picky eaters and they will munch on great servings since they won’t get perfectly alright with smaller meals. They are made to consume several calories and protein with the least effort, without leaving their comfort zones. However, they also change their diet. This ranges from tilapia, crappie, bluegill, to barfish and even larger gizzard shad.Β 

Fly fishing is merely about streams.

Funny as it may sound, there are first-time fly fishers that may exclaim they won’t fish in the lake because they will not find fly fish. Actually, the species can be found in almost any body of water, so do not get prohibited to find them in rivers or in a more open waterway.Β 

However, there are waterways that tend to provide more of these species than others. An effective tip is to hit up a backcountry pond or lake, and you’ll realize how successful you can get.Β 

Do not converse loudly (or laugh) on the boat, this scares the fish.Β 

Now, you’re grinning. It is odd to laugh crazily on the boat like what you do in a coffee shop or at a bar. However, the notion that noisy anglers may scare the fish is far from being proven by facts. A very loud explosion will startle them, but a normal or even a little louder conversation while on your vehicles will be negligent to the actions of the fish.Β 

Bass are dormant in cold water.Β 

Which makes you reschedule your trip once more, because of finding out that the water temperature would be cold. Don’t. This myth is often a result of irrelevant matching. The shift in the climate and fish activity is affected by altered habitats and movements of prey.Β 

The biological make of these animals tends to adjust to temperature changes to maintain life in the common conditions they have grown in. Members of this group undergo physiological changes, as well as chemical imbalances but never due to the temperature of the waters. The bass will still be able to bite well in Northern waters as lakes approach the freezing ranges. Others even fish in winter waters for these species, so you shouldn’t be apprehensive about this.Β 

There are more myths that you’ll hear about fishing in all its forms. Do you have something to add? Feel free to post in the comments section below!

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